How to find billion $ statup idea

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    You start with an idea that will pay your bills first. Then try pursuing a billion-dollar idea once you get enough income to support yourself and your family (maybe geoarbitrage would help).


    1. Billion dollars idea seems like garbage at first, because they're too revolutionary. Timing is the key! Would you honestly invest in a idea like "rent your home to strangers", like Airbnb did?

    2. You have probably something like 0.01% of success change under this context, so why keep chasing unicorns if you can't even PAY YOUR BILLS FIRST????

    Anyway, that's my strategy.

    If it's a totally revolutionary idea I'll pass (at least for now)

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      Everything here makes sense.

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    Cool, so is this guy a billionaire then I take it?

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      His company worth 300 million dollars and he invested in many big companies. previously part of Y combinator so yeh his advice make sense. I would say the framework he gives in this video is really good

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      I get it. Although I haven't watched this particular video, it's also safe to assume that sometimes, theoretical knowledge can be as valuable as practical knowledge.

      the coach of the best tennis player in the world, doesn't necessarily need to be able to play tennis better than the #1 ranked in the world, but is able to make him/her better.

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        The coach of the best tennis player in the world has that job because he's PROVEN himself to be the best coach. Not because he's posted videos talking about how to be the best coach.

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          agreed. yet, given your analogy, there would be no coaches in this world.... everyone needs to start somewhere to actually be able to PROVE themselves.


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            Lol I didn't say it was his first job. Assuming he's come up through the coaching ranks - again very different to posting videos talking about it.

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    I like your video and i agree!


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    Thanks for sharing! Great video, especially for beginners.

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