Growth January 29, 2020

How to find blogs to guest post on?

Andrew Garber @Garberchov

One of the most important ways to drive traffic to your startup is guest posting on other people's blogs. Do any of you have any experience with it and how did you find the blogs to do this on?

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    Subscribe at and get daily requests in your email, reply to those that are a good fit.

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    Medium would be a good source. Which industry / vertical are you looking at? @Garberchov

    I tried guest posts or ask for featuring on certain Medium publication for my little side hustle. It works well!

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    Start building genuine relationships with people in your industry, or companies with a similar audience (non-competitors). Reach out and offer something to them (link to one of their articles, promote them to your email list, offer a guest post on your site, etc.) That's the top way to get guest posts on sites that are actually valuable instead of sites that let anyone guest post to them.

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    What kind of topic do you plan to blog about? I currently manage content with a QR Code niche, so if you can merge this topic with yours I'll be happy to have you guest post. Let me know and I'll send you our guest posting guideline 😊

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    Hi Andrew, if you (or anyone) interested in writing on Tech, we will be interested to have a chat

    You can check our current blogs

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    If you write on ASP.NET Core, I would be interested in a guest post.

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    Google: "guess post" and niche

    Or just google the niche and blogs or WordPress
    Can also search on

    Some would ask for money if it's promotional for you
    Others to accept a post, would either need to be very close to their style or just a very high quality one that would match their crowd

    Generally think more about developing longer term relationships with these potential partners as they should be treated
    There would be more than one cooperation type probably

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      You can also try to find the most impactful ones for you with a service like semrush

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        I think I've also seen in the past a site that's like a match maker for these, IDK if it toke off or flopped, but it was usually ones that weren't worth the effort or water a lot of money, usually people that let their blog rot

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    If you write on tech or personal finance please dm me. I am looking for guest bloggers for my blog.

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      What are you doing specifically?

      I'm currently building a blog about the generation of revenues for introverted people.

      The site is not online, but will be in the next days.

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        I write about programming and passive income generation.

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      Where can I msg you on

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