Jobs February 16, 2020

How to find bootstrapped startup job openings?

Roy Paterson @foreigner

Where is a good place to look for bootstrapped startup openings (besides this forum)? There are many places that list jobs for venture-backed startups, but I'm struggling to find places that list jobs for bootstrapped startups. Searching the web for "bootstrap" returns the web framework instead of the funding style. Where should I look?

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    yc hacker news

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    What's your motivation for wanting a job with a bootstrapped company in particular?

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      The happiest time in my career so far was at a tiny bootstrapped startup. I've also worked at a venture backed startup. Bootstrapping is appealing because the goal is to build a reasonably valuable and profitable company. When there's VC it feels like that's not enough - the investors are only interested in a huge outcome so you're pushed to take large gambles.

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      Checked, they've got a "Self Funded" filter but not too many results.

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