How to find individuals providing SEO services for blogs, not firms.

Looking for some advice on SEO. Currently, we are paying about $1500 a month for SEO work, but the only value I see is the SEO on 10 content pieces per month we write in-house; not something we should spend $1500 a month on.

How do I find an individual for SEO work? Google only gets me firms that view us as either too small of a client/scope of work, or try to upsell us on site revamps/diagnostics that I don't need.

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    Hey Calvin,

    You can certainly piece together parts of the content marketing machine for cheaper, but maybe not a whole lot. I've paid my writers $40-90 per article but it requires myself or a VA to get it uploaded and promoted.

    I don't know how complicated/technical your content is but happy to help where I can.

    I do SEO, manage a portfolio of sites, and also have friends who run affiliate sites and agencies in the cannabis industry.

    Happy to help where I can. Just shoot me a msg.

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    Unless you have a really big and complex website the best option would be to learn how to do SEO yourself.

    $1500/month for on page SEO only is crazy high! They should at least do some (white hat) link building.

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    I've heard good things about the folks at https://www.yourgrowthmachine.com/blog who specialize in exactly this.

    Good luck!

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    I'd be interested to chat. I'm creating SEO software targeted to blog owners, and not larger businesses.

    It would be great to get an understanding of exactly your situation, both so I can learn and also so I could do my best to advise you on how I feel you should move forward with SEO.

    I've been in the industry for 10+ years, and it is REALLY tough finding someone to rely on for SEO.

    You can get me on [email protected] - I'd love to chat.

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    I'd ask your firm to lower prices until you see a return. They're probably good. Just asking too much.

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    hi calvin my friend is a seo specialist.he is a freelancer you can contact him on [email protected] or [email protected]

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      hi harishrcn, your friend name same with you. What a coincidence:)

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