How to find paying customers/early adopters for a SAAS project.

I'm working on a tool web developers and project managers can use. It's a very useful tool that i know will solve real problems and make life very easy, while also saving time. I've spoken to a project manager (my work colleague) about this, and she was very excited and eager to start using it.

The issue i'm having is finding my very first set of customers for this tool. I'm in the process of building and will finish it soon. How can i find people willing to pay for this, even though i'm new and they've not heard of me before.


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    Hi @samceena, have you considered creating a simple landing page explaining what your saas does? Then you could share that with different communities (where your ideal customers hang out online or off).

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    Go to the same set of users/testers you had when you validated the tool you built and ask them to use it now that is done and share it with other colleagues that are you "target persona type"

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    Hey @samceena, I'm currently reading Company of One (https://www.amazon.com/Company-One-Staying-Small-Business/dp/1328972356) and I highly recommend it.

    I think the approach that the author would advocate is your situation is to simply start with trying to get your work colleague to actively use the tool (being excited and eager to start using something is not the same as actually using it and continue using it), improving the experience, figure out what's working or not working, and the maybe start worrying about finding user #2 then.

    I suspect if you can pull this off with a handful of people, you'll have a much easier time thinking about how to reach a broader group of people in your market.

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    I've not thought about creating a landing page.
    I don't want to create one yet for now, till i have a couple of people using it, perhaps 4 - 6 people.

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