How to find precise keywords for your Etsy products

People shop on Etsy because they're going to find something special, they enter few words in the research bar and matched with suitable products. So the keywords you add to your listings are an essential tool for matching your listings to those searches.

Therefore, Keywords are important because they tell search engines the content about your website.

Etsy products keywords must include tags, titles, categories, and attributes that work together to match your listings with shoppers’ searches.

Etsy Hunt "Keywords" function can help you find precise keywords, in here you just need to enter any words that you want to research. Then Etsy Hunt will give you a comprehensive analysis table about this word. Such as if I want to research "neckless" then Etsy Hunt will show the total views、 competition、favorites、 sales about "neckless". After that, Google search trends have also been shown, in here, you can see the trend change in 1 year.

Besides that, if you wanna get more similar keywords, Etsy Hunt also can help you find popular similar words.

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    honestly it would be better if you let us try your product without signing up...

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      It would have been great to test try the product with limited features without signing up.

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    I like your idea. For the keyword "Monogram & Name Necklaces" it says no competition but when I head to Etsy, there's competition.

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    The best keywords that I came up with were from Google Search Console. Google the main keyword and go to the bottom of the first page where it says "Related Searches" and find out what other users are REALLY searching for. There are some hidden gems in there.

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