Ideas and Validation August 13, 2020

How to find the right people for feedback ?

Julien Champagne @lepetillant

Hi 👋🏻

I currently work on my side project and I'm doing some research. If some of you can answer to this question that will be so helpful 🙏🏻

how do you do to find people matching your target audience to get feedback on your idea or product?

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    Who is your audience? Is there some place where they hang out? For example, if you'd target entrepreneurs you IndieHackers might be the right place to look for them. In a non-COVID world, I would suggest meetups or conferences too

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    What kind of feedback are you looking for? Uclusion has a finished product built and is looking for feedback from early adopters. We are doing so by scouring the internet for agile engineering teams that seem forward thinking enough to try something new.

    If you are much earlier and just want PMF on an idea then your approach should be different. Instead of telling people your idea immediately you should interview them about their use case and only tell them your idea afterwards. Use the detailed use cases to build your product - not the feedback you get from telling your idea because that feedback will be biased.

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      Thank you for your reply. I'm interested in how do you exactly do to scouring the internet? Where do you look? What is the most annoying thing ?

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        We search using social media like, LinkedIn and Crunchbase.

        If you mean what are our requirements for a better search tool number one on my wish list would be the ability to "join" data from these different sources. Number two is that the search on some of these is crappy - LinkedIn for instance has a horrible search mechanism.

        If you are building something to help Uclusion feel free to schedule a meeting with us off our website - under About Uclusion there is a Calendly link. Or sign up for Uclusion and add us to a Workspace.

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