Product Development January 17, 2020

How to get more feedback for your app

Volkan Kaya @volkandkaya

We recently added a survey inside our web app ( and it has been so helpful for getting feedback from potential customers.

Personalised emails didn't work, so if your app is struggling to get feedback try adding surveys inside your web app.

I would try to keep it short.

If you come up with any great questions let me know :)

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    I completely agree with you!

    Why this is so great is because you are giving your users an open channel to submit feedback whenever they have an impulse to.

    At Acute ( we offer a feedback widget that you can integrate in your website.

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    Awesome idea, 2 questions:

    Where is the CTA ? Do you have any or is it a popup ?

    Any tool you use for this one ?

    Good job!

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      It is a popup after they create a landing page. So they're a little invested :)

      No built myself, we already have all the form logic for Versoly. If I didn't I would have looked at using a SaaS tool to do it.


      Seeing some amazing results already 20% of demos fill it out and no complaints yet.

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    Have you even tried UserBob?

    The design is not good, but the pricing is really good. You pay 36 dollars and they send you 9 videos of people using your app for 2 minutes.

    Video and also audio. So you can hear what they think about your app. You see how that people deal with your bugs, etc etc.

    Pretty cool service.

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    Have the same experience (i.e. higher response rates than email) with . It provides in-app NPS surveys with an open followup question.

    However the key to the feedback is to follow up with an email and thank for the feedback. Often this leads to followup conversations which help a lot.