How to get more leads from your “contact us” section

1/ Contextualise header copy
2/ Use a real persons face and email
3/ Be specific with your availability

lots of companies rely on “contact us” sections for leads ...
taking conversion from 2% to 4% is literally means twice as much new business...

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    I thought this was a question and I came here to share your post 😅

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    Add in a reward to it - 20% off first order, etc.

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      yeah, a nice addition. have you seen any example of this in the wild?

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        We do it ourselves, actually, at Rejuvia.

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          So you reward a potential customer for contacting you? I assume that incentive is offered in the first answer email?

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            Not contacting us, but signing up for our email list - reward is in the confirmation email once they sign up.

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              how do you advertise that?

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                We just clearly state it when they sign up.

                If you go to our site rejuviamedical.com the popup will just state something like "sign up for our community and save 20%"

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    Great point and tip, thanks for sharing,
    Agree, it's always about managing to personalise.

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    You might want to be a little careful with this approach. I did something similar a while back where I put my email address in the contact section and then we got a meeting with a new client through our network and they were like "Ohh ya we have already heard of you but we did not want to contact you because we thought you were a freelancer and not a company". Found out it was because they saw the contact section and saw my email.

    So this might be useful if you are selling to smaller companies but might back fire if you are going after a larger company and you have a team of devs/designers in the company.

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      fair point. a few possible workarounds:

      • instead of “will reply in 24hrs” write “CEO” or “Head of new business” (insinuating that it's a bigger company)
      • Add some other people
      • Add an “Our team” section to the website (so they know it's not a one person band)
      • go with “info”, but keep the rest of the tips in place
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        If i remember right I had something like "Talk to our CEO now" but you are right, head of new business might be a good title or to make it more targeted something like "Head of new business North America" where the north america can be based on their IP

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            This is a good thread for those who are working alone but struggling to define themselves as a firm vs an individual (like me)... My first instinct was to set myself up as an agency.

            However, I had the chance to talk to Chris Messina and he argued that this creates unnecessary distance between you and the customer. I am not sure about that.

            Anyone has any good links to review o the matter?

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    This is a really simple yet clear and actionable tip. Thanks Harry 💯

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    Awesome tips (as always with Harry), will implement later this month :)

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    I agree with using an actual photo

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