How to get more signups (pricing question)


I have decided to change my pricing structure a bit on my platform https://mailforge.io, but i cant decide which way to go.

So im asking you guys. What do you think will generate more signups:

  1. Keep my current prices, but show a "50% discount for life, limited time offer", for a period.
  2. Lower my prices by 50% without any "discount notice". As if this was my original price.

Im thinking that the urgency of option 1 might be best, but im not sure., so i would really love some feedback.

We actually priced the platform as if we already had the marketing automation, so it´s to high now. So depending on which option we choose above, we would just remove the discount when automation is here, or add an "addon" pricing for those who want automations. But right now the issue, is which way to go for the pricing now :)

Thanks a lot in advance

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    Why do you want to change the pricing structure? Is it due to lack of subscriptions?

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      Well i can keep the current prices which i believe is fitting for this kinda platform, WHEN we have the marketing automation.
      But then the platform is expensive right now.

      Or i can change them to match the features now, and then raise them or add addon pricing for the coming features.

      Not really sure what to do.

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        You should have the appropriate price for current features - you can interview your target or trial customers on that.
        You say it's expensive. Based on customer interviews or gut feeling?

        And then use grandfather pricing for additional functionalities.

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          Yes ive talked to my users to get a feeling on our pricing, and most think it´s a bit on the pricey side, but with marketing automations they think it would be cheap.

          So thats basicly the gap i want to fix.
          You think your suggestion is the best way to do it, or have you tried it before with success etc.?

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            My suggestion is based on experience and if you see SaaS pricing, lower price = less functionalities, higher price = more. So it's a market standard.

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    Anyone got any input or previous experience on this subject?

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