April 9, 2019

How to get payment with Stripe form Turkey?


Hello, i am from Turkey. I built a web site which is SAAS and the target audience is USA. I want to receive payment with Stripe. But in our country Stripe is not allowed. I think about opening a bank account in France or somewhere and i will send money to Turkey account. What do you suggest for not too many tax. Also i dont want to set a company. Thank you

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    Also, Estonia has 0% corporate income taxes until income is distributed to shareholders as a dividend, and they keep things very simple. You can easily run a company out of Estonia for under €100 a month including taxes and the cost of hiring an accountant, with access to modern business infrastructure.

    Before you take this step, why not try PayPal or Paddle and test your SaaS? If it's successful, set up a company in Estonia.

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    Stripe Atlas is cool to get access to Stripe but if you consider the amount you will spend just to get Stripe Atlas and all the recurring fees, plus US tax issues, then you will realized it's not a good option.
    https://Incorpuk.com is a Stripe Atlas alternative that most global Entrepreneurs use to get access to Stripe.

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    Stripe is available in Estonia. I would look into Estonian E-Citizenship.

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    The only way is applying to Stripe Atlas program or Estonian E-Citizen program, which you can create a company in there and use the Braintree payment gateway. Alternatively, If you don't want to set up a company, you can use the Paddle instead of Stripe.

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    Hi, Anyway you have to set a company (at least as a sole trader) to use Stripe, otherwise you need to make a partnership with whom has an account on Stripe.

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