Growth March 25, 2020

How to get the employer side on a job platform?

Christoph Schachner @FSASports

Hello everyone,

I have been a lurker for some time and finally decide to sign up.


I would love to hear your thoughts on how to get more companies to register on a job platform (listing is free, more exposure is paid).

Currently we are running Facebook (Job title targeting), Google Display (highly geographically targeted + topic based), Google Search (keywords such as "hire x") and LinkedIn video ad (seniority + job title) and sending them to a dedicated landing page.

Out of those efforts, LinkedIn is working the best. However, best is relative since we spend around 6.000€ so far for getting around 20 company registrations I a month.

Is there anything else you would recommend me looking into?

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    Hey @FSASports - Hello from Growth Mentor, good to see you here ;)

    Echo LinkedIn, definitely the best channel for this purpose. Would be great if you can mention what makes your job board better than others, how's the estimated average application rate and hiring rate looks like etc

    I'm currently with a team who started a startups & SMEs job board 6 years ago with 9,000 JDs created. Keen to exchange ideas on GM.

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