How to get users after the launch?🚀

I created a Travel planning tool called www.travelwell.io. 🌎
It is a software tool and I'm now thinking about the question how to get continuously grow new users over the time? We are already using Instagram and Facebook groups but I'm not satisfied yet. Do you have experience in other tools/medias? I would love to chat about that!🚀 If you need expertise in the travel market or in TikTok, just write me a message!

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    A better question is actually "How to get users before building anything?"

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      We got them with a landing page and an email signup :) But now the main task will be to grow even in a pandemic.. I am considering writing more blog entries. Whats your opinion on that?

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        I’m not an expert in traveling products, but what I would do is to go to communities (subreddits, facebook groups, etc) and engage with people there by replying to them, sharing useful bites daily. Focus on making them love you first, don’t try to promote the product too early.

        It’s also the reason why I said the better question is how to get users before anything. Building love from your target customers first, then it will be much easier to sell any related product, not to mention it’s a way to generate better idea

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          That's so true! Thanks for your opinion! I really believe that classical promotion of a product in many cases isn't the key to success anymore!

          Do you have any problems at the moment? I would love to help :)

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            Haha, you’re welcome and thanks for offering help. I just try to be helpful and create little value here.

            Would love to connect on my Twitter if possible though. I’ve just started building an audience there, it’s kinda tough :)

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              Followed you :) Lets stay in touch🚀🙋🏽‍♂️

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    I know this thread is a little old now but I would like to add one more thing - make sure you're utilising your existing users and turning them into evangelists.

    For products in your space, word of mouth and referrals are often the strongest sources of acquisition and growth in the long run. Make sure you're baking that into your product. Incentivize users to talk about you and make sure you have a referral program built-in.

    You can try creating content and sharing but it's 10x more powerful if your users do it for you.

    For some inspiration, read more about how AirBnB built their referral program early on.

    All the best!

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      Hi Rushabh, great to read your answer! We are currently are thinking about a way to incentives users.!:)

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    Check subreddits that may fit your audience but make sure to not be spammy

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      I will have a look on that! Thank you:)

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    Did you take the panademic into account while analyzing your marketing efforts? Gaining traction for a travel app is not going to be easy at this time.

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      Hey Thomas, yes we took the pandemic into account! For us it as a good opportunity to test several things while the market is at standby. When there is a tendency that the pandemic is over we will make a bigger launch on for example PH to reach a wider audience.

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    Create a social media campaign and try it for 2 weeks with the same hashtag, see the response of the campaign if successful continue for another week, if not change the campaign and move to something else.

    Note: Be original. Grow organically.

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      So simple, but so powerful. Thank you!

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