April 8, 2019

How to get users to use my MVP ?


I just created a MVP (https://www.apisheet.com) . How can I get users to try it out.

Is there a mvp launch checklist ?

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    who is your target audience, can you describe it?

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      Web developers and programmers ... anyone who needs to have a endpoint to query data instead of writing scripts for parsing files.

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    I like this a lot. Thanks for your work!

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      Thank you so much , Do you have any feedback or suggestions...???

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        My only real suggestion is to show some use-cases or build out a demo page on your site.

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          Is that bcoz users might be hesitant to signup without knowing what they are getting into.......

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            If they can't see some uses they may not be able to see how it'll benefit them or how easy it is.

            Check out the KeyGen interview here on IH. I saw a quote and thought of you. This was on a list of things that did work for @ezekg:

            "Providing example applications on GitHub — These have been invaluable in helping people integrate Keygen into their products. Over the years, I've slowly stocked the company GitHub with over 20 example applications, all ranging in complexity and in various programming languages."

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