May 13, 2019

How to go about finding a potential co-founder?


I can dev and design both backend and frontend but I'm having difficulty with the business part. What would you recommend for someone like myself to help identify a potential fit for a business partner?

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    Finding a co-founder is like looking for someone to get married to - as in, you really have to trust each other and get along.

    I know whenever I tried to rush these things I ended up failing, which was really painful.

    Often there are posts here where people say they are looking for co-founders. You could also try meeting people at local meetups, coworking spaces, etc. Or if you spend enough time hanging out in places like IH you may end up finding a person/friend with the skills you need and with a similar ethos.

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    Heyo ! First, you should take a look at my last website:, dont hesitate to submit your public profile (takes 2 minutes) so you can get in touch with potential cofounders.

    Secondly, I'm in the same sport than you, I'm more tech oriented. I've done multiple partnerships with cofounders and what I've learnt is : If they dont have experience in building products and selling it, they are useless. It's maybe false for some people, but most of the time, I have more skills in sales than them (as I'm pretty active in multiple community online, know a lot of different marketing strategy etc).

    So except if the guy has experience in selling products that do not exist, most of cofounders are not that useful to me. The only exception is to have someone close to you that you can meet in real life. In this case, you can motivate each other and it can be useful for both of you so make sure to create your profile at so people in your area can get in touch with you <3

    With love

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      Networkup looks really cool!

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        Thanks mate <3