How to go from working as a full-time software dev to owning my own consulting gig

Not sure if this is the right place to post my question. If not I apologize and will change it if you let me know.
Here’s my question. I’m looking for advice (books, videos, … anything) that would provide information on how to go from working as a full-time software dev to owning my own consulting gig. It’s always been a dream but I just dont know where to even start. I think what makes it even more difficult is that Im the sole provider of the family.
Again, this is my first post so forgive me if Im asking in the wrong section.

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    Creative class has a lot of great info about freelancing: https://creativeclass.co/podcast/

    Also consider your risk tolerance. Do you want to go all in right away or gradually transition over? For example, I take on freelancing projects for a few hours a week in addition to my job to test it out and build a client base if I decide to go full-time freelance.

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      Where are you finding freelance work? Upwork and Fiverr seem like a race to the bottom of the barrel, price wise.

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        I've never had much success with Upwork/Fiverr. Most of my projects have come through personal connections/LinkedIn. My last project was someone who found me via my personal site which was a first.

        Let your friends/colleagues know you're available for freelancing/consulting and what types of projects you're looking for and you'll be surprised by how projects pop up. After projects, I always ask for additional referrals as well.

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