Marketplaces June 29, 2020

How to grow a peer-to-peer marketplace


We just launched our alpha. We have developed a platform for sharing, selling and showcasing your plants while growing your plant collection. It's a place to organize you plants while swapping them with others. We are starting to add early customers but not much growth when it comes to adding of posts. We are looking for advice to get our first 100 customers that will be engaged with the platform.

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    Love that idea :)

    I think since this is peer-to-peer, you don't have the traditional two-sided issue. That's great! It means that growing your community will grow supply and demand at the same time.

    What you need to figure out is who would be interested in this service? I have two plants that take turns dying, so I'm not your target customer here :) Are there online communities for plant-heads? Gardener meetups? Go there.

    You also said that you are starting to onboard customers, but don't get a lot of posts. My advice here would be to talk to customers, quite simply. Figure out why they are not posting, maybe do the posts for them.

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      Thank you for the insight. Yes, our first users are from these plant communities. The meetups are pretty much gone now, but we are looking into creating a virtual meetup for the plant community through our platform - let's see. I like your idea of posting them for customers. Thanks again for you insight and if you have any planty friends, encourage them to join

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