How to grow from 100 to 1,000 email subscribers

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    I would love to help small business owners just like you go their brands online.

    So you know email marketing is a big deal but you don't have a list.

    Don't stress because every business started on zero.

    So if you have no subscribers it's not that hard to get to a thousand.

    You just have to know how I'm going to share my five simple steps to getting your first thousand subscribers in under 30 days.

    it's possible and I believe in you so.

    let's get into it.

    step one is to create an epic lead magnet.

    So I'm a content creator.

    So lead magnets come really easy to me and I actually really enjoy creating them.

    But if you're not in the space of copywriting or you get a bit stuck when it comes to putting your ideas into some sort of lead magnet.

    Then I definitely recommend hiring a content creator to help you out on this one.

    Because it's really important to get this right and create something really amazing for your audience.

    So a lead magnet might be a PDF guide or it could be a checklist or it might be a mini-course.

    But the thing that you really need to get clear on is that it needs to meet your customers where they're at right now.

    So it really needs to solve a pain point or a problem that is facing right now.

    But the most important thing to remember is it needs to be relevant to the body as you sell.

    So you want to create a lead magnet that's really going to be able to nurture your audience to understand that you are the expert at what you do.

    So if you're a bit stuck for ideas on lead magnets.

    I am here to help you, you can comment on this answer. I Will back with an answer to your query.

    Step number two is to build a lead page so don't get too overwhelmed with this.

    One a lead page doesn't need to be confusing basically all it is a way for you to capture people's names and email addresses.

    leadpages or MailChimp also offer landing pages as part of their service.

    Offering the point is don't overcomplicate this doesn't make this into a big sales page that you would do for potentially a course or something your product offering or something like that make it really simple get clear.

    what it is you're offering them what benefit are they going to get and ask for their first name and email address.

    Step number three is to create supporting content so you can't expect your lead magnet to do all the work for you.

    You need to be able to entice people in to actually download it.

    So you might want to create multiple blog articles, videos, podcasts, Instagram posts that dove into little tiny aspects of that link bag net that you've created.

    So for example, if you've created a lead magnet that talks about ten strategies create three blog posts on three of the strategies.

    Each of those blog posts referencing the downloadable.

    back in fact it's not because it's really nurturing people to understand that oh wow like this freebie is going to be valuable and yes I want to get my email address over for it.

    When I release a freebie I always do a whole lot of YouTube videos about it because I find that, that is a really great way to entice people to give them something for free.

    Step four is to leverage your website so this is an opportunity for you to update any pop-ups that you have running.

    These can be in the form of a pop-up that comes up on the home screen there might be a drop-down, it might be a sidebar, it may be something that's actually even built into the blog articles that you write whichever way go for making sure it's crystal clear.

    What value people are going to be getting from this freebie and entice them to actually submit their email addresses.

    Step number five is to promote your lead magnet.

    So this is a set a lot of business owners forget and basically you just want to update everything promoted across every channel that you engaged in.

    You know update your Instagram buy.

    Do a Facebook live.

    Do post.

    Do stories scream it from the rooftops?

    Spreading to every channel, might you also run ads for it. You will see increases in list when time passes.

    I hope this might help you.

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      Great point. I think leveraging lead magnets is something newsletter writers will do more of.

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    Thank you, David, for sharing.
    I'm about to launch a newsletter about Twitter Growth.
    It will feature personalized stats about your performance for the last week.
    Hopefully, we can chat!

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      Now that is an interesting niche. Can you share a link?

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    Here are my tips to gain more email lists subscribers:

    1. Create a branded pop-up form for your website. On the pop-up, you can include some promotion codes to encourage visitors to opt-in. Also, keep your incentives valuable to customers (some things that they really need)

    2. Send welcome series to offer a discount or exclusive content, promote your newest or best-selling products or simply thank new subscribers for their interest in your business. This is much helpful in building connections with your customers.

    However, growing your email lists isn't enough, you should also need to keep them continuously subscribed. So, my suggestion here is to send personalized and targeted messages to your audience only. Don't send mass email as subscribers may think it’s a spam message and ignore or block it.

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      Pop-ups are SO powerful. And you're exactly right, getting a person to sub is only the very first challenge.

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