How to grow my audience? 🤯

Hello! 👋

For the last two months I'm building identid.me, a platform with which you can create your own website with the aim of creating your own personal brand and show your portfolio in a different way.

This way you'll be able to stand out among the professionals in your sector.

I'm the one who does all the marketing of the project and so far I've created content for social networks constantly over the last month (LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook) and launched a weekly newsletter.

With these actions we have achieved 65 people registered as beta testers and 34 people subscribed to the newsletter.

It's one of my first projects and I'm trying to build an audience, so I'd love to email and discuss with someone who might be able to help me grow the site with new ideas!

Thanks in advance! 😍

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    First of all. The website is very unique and well designed! @copybycarmen

    Seems like you have already identify the channels that brings your traction. You might want to try:

    • Deliver expert content to your first 34 subscribers, subtly ask for referrals
    • Identify a few topics to be posted on social media that gets the most traction, ideally different content on different social media
    • Make sure you measure success metrics of your audience traffic, engagement etc
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      Thank you for your comment Felix!
      Very interesting the first point you talk about, I'll try it and see if word of mouth works. 📣

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    Reach out to all those early users and make sure your product makes them say WOW! not eh...

    Leave your ego at the door, cuz it's easy to hear what you wanna hear.

    If your product makes them say WOW!! that means, they have a real problem and your solution solves that well.

    Then do hand to hand combat. Call all your friends and make them sign up. Threaten to burn their house down. Okay, maybe skip that step, but bribe them with ice cream.

    Reach out to all your socials, former colleagues and everyone in your network. Even people you think might not like it. Ask everyone for 1 referral. Bonus points if you can be specific about the type of person you want. "Hey, who do you know that's been meaning to build a personal brand or has a small business?''

    Think about where your audience hangs out. Try to get people to sign up either by cold emailing them, or adding value in those places and then asking them to check out your thingy. What value means depends on the place itself. But if you hang out there for a while, feel the vibe, and give yourself permission to fuck up, you'll figure it out.

    This should give you your initial few users.

    But I can't stress enough that you need to have something that a small audience loves so much that it's hard for them to live without.

    Read these essays until they're part of your kidneys.

    Create A Product That's Hard To Live Without

    Building A Great Business : Advice You Won't Take (And Will Regret Not Taking Later)

    I specifically work with young startups from idea to their first million so hmu if you have any other Q's.

    Good luck, rooting for u.


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      Really nice answer thank you so much, and really nice blog, I'll think about how can I WOW my audience.
      I'm subscribing to the blog you sent btw 😍

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        You're too sweet. Happy it helped. If you have any other questions just reach out via email or whatever.

        Go build the future

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