Newsletter Crew October 12, 2020

How to grow to 10k, niching down, and top subscriber sources with Josh Spector of For the Interested

Yaro Bagriy @yaroslawbagriy

Ever wondered if you should niche your newsletter down more? Do you know what to focus on when going from 100 to 1000 subscribers? What about from 1000 to 10k subscribers? On this episode, we speak to Josh Spector of For the Interested and discuss these burning questions. We'll also dive into his top subscriber resources, if we're in a newsletter bubble, newsletter marketplaces, and so much more.

Link to podcast:

  1. 2

    Keep it up! And great pick with Josh!

  2. 2

    Thanks for having me on - I enjoyed the conversation!

  3. 2

    Thank you @joshspector for taking the time out of your day and dropping some knowledge on us!

  4. 2

    I will definitely listen this. Meanwhile I had opened FTI ads and thinking should I book an ad slot or not

    1. 1

      I say go for it! (I might be biased). But seriously, happy to answer any questions you have about the ads.

    2. 1

      What are FTI ads? Yes please do give it a listen, it really is an amazing episode!

      1. 2

        The classified ads I offer in my newsletter - details here:

        1. 1

          I'll add that to the show notes :)

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