Landing Page Feedback April 26, 2019

How to improve bounce rate on sign up page?


Hey there!

I recently launched my project. So far so good. But there is something that i'd like to change but i don't know how.

I viewed my visitor's session recordings with HotJar. And in a lot of cases visitors bounce when they arrive at the sign up page. At the moment one needs to sign up with Instagram. That's the only option. But somehow people don't like it.

Do you have any tips how to increase sign up rate in this case?

Here is a screenshot of the current sign up page:


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    Hi Michael,

    I went to your website to get a better idea of the entire flow, and I don't completely understand why you'd want me to sign up with Instagram. On the landing page you don't mention instagram at all, and it looks like a SaaS to me.

    But then once I want to sign up, it can only be done via instagram, so I am confused. I don't understand why? Do you want my instagram data? Do you want to post on my behalf? What's going on.

    If your product really requires instagram access from the start, you should also mention that on your landing page and on the signup page you should tell users why they need to connect to instagram.

    Another option would be for you to have a normal email/password signup and then allow people to connect to instagram later in your web-app.

    Otherwise, if you don't actually need to interact with a users instagram account then you should just use normal login options to avoid confusion.

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      Hey Felix, thanks for your feedback. I get your point. I don't mention IG from the start because the service should be also for other networks at a later stage. But you are right. That could confuse users. And, i need the IG login because i need to access certain data from the users account for their dashboard where i show certain statistics about their account and their posts. But i guess i have to rethink some things first.

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    Hi Michael,

    From my perspective after checking your landing plus this page

    I don't really understand what your product does - the tools descriptions are too vague. Better show, not tell - on all. I need to understand clearly what the platform is about, the benefits for me, why this solves my problem and why my problem is not solved with other tools I already have.

    Maybe there is nothing wrong with your product and it's just a matter of positioning/defining to your target customer what problem you are solving.
    If you aren't familiar with the JTBD methodology I suggest you read this:


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      Hey Ana. Thanks for your reply. Okay, fair point. Show what the tools do instead of just describing. I'll work on that.

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    I have put the signup right next to a great graphic, pattern or image. Also i am another one of those guys that sadly creates a popup when they try to leave. It works

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      Hey there. I may try your idea with the image. Have seen that a lot of times so i must be an improvement somehow :)

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    I'd start with the wording: "Sign up with Instagram" => kinda sounds like you are creating an instagram account.

    Maybe change it to: "Sign up with your Instagram Account"

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      Good point! Thanks.

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    Get rid of the navbar and footer.

    You could also design it so you have either a testimonial or benefit for them next to the sign up.

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      Hey! I like the idea of putting testimonials on the page. Thanks for the input :)

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