Self Care January 4, 2021

How to make myself feeling exciting again? :(


I started a random chat app aside from my full time software engineer job. It now generates constant revenue surpass my salary. I was happy because I always wanted to be "free."

The whole thing sort of grow out of surprise. We just released it and spent very little for promotion. (lifetime-value of a user doesn't justify buying ads constantly anyway.) Then gradually added new features along the way when user requested.

The revenue used to grow so much (because the starting point is low😛) that it was quite exciting to work on it. But the growth has been slow down and therefore excitement decreased these days. :/

I started to wonder, do I really like it? I do love the feeling of having real users using my product. But honestly speaking big part of my motivation was money. Then, It is just another "job." And if I have to live on this money, is it actual freedom I want?

I said to myself that I would quit my fulltime job when my app earns the same amount, but when things actually come to this point. I started to wonder what should I really do?

How to make myself feeling exciting again? :(

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    I don't think you should try to make yourself excited. You should think one step before that and consider what's important to you. If you had unlimited time, money, resources, how would you spend your days? Sounds like your values changed over time and reflecting on them could be beneficial.

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      If you had unlimited time, money, resources, how would you spend your days?

      I dare say the majority of us wouldn't be indie hacking if we had this.

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      I ask myself that question: what would I do with unlimited money, time etc constantly, it's very clarifying. I agree with @johncb, if you work on what you think really matter, excitement will come naturally, hell you will get the opposite problem you have to force yourself to take breaks not to burn out.

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    You're in a pretty fun position since your app can replace your job income. Ask yourself if you need to be excited about your app or if you could get that excitement from something else.

    If you really feel like the app has become "golden handcuffs" then you should consider selling it.

    Another idea is to pay someone to do the work you don't enjoy.

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    You're in a good place actually. You don't need a job, you have a full-time income replacement, and your ego is not invested in the app. You have real freedom.

    You can start a new project, something you're actually excited about, and keep the app running. If the app takes away too much time, find someone to manage it.

    Don't force yourself to get excited - our interests and passions change over time. Take advantage of your situation to find your next project - there are a lot of exciting things out there.

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    Watch xteam video on youtube.

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    Can you elaborate more about what "free" means to you? Some people would define that as do nothing but traveling, partying, buying expensive things and that's it, but for me i would like to work as THE BOSS with a small team.

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    I'd recommend checking out Good Time Journals from Designing Your Life (a book by Stanford Design Professors).

    They help you identify what parts of your day you like and why.

    From there, you can figure out what you like about both your job and the side gig and work to make the stuff you like happen more!

    Here are the journals for reference:

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    Last night I rewatched Code Rush. Made me super pumped for today. See if you can find something to inspire you again. Take a break that helps too :)

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