How to make people answer to my problem interview?

Hi IndieHackers! I am assembling a team (UI/UX and software developers) so for making it nice I decided to apply Rob Fitzpatrick's 'Moms test' principles to know what pains designers and developers suffer from. I made some questions and posted them in FB and LinkedIn groups but nobody answers. How to stimulate people to answer to them?

Can somebody read it (but please don't answer of course if you are not software developer or UI/UX designer) and say what is wrong? https://forms.gle/TkRfeJrHcsRS8uiw8

Thank you :)

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    Vyacheslav, you may offer reciprocal interview/feed back. Just fill your profile a bit more to improve trust and give your calendly to book your time. You can fill your form yourself while you are talking to your interviewee.
    Good luck.

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    Your questions are too general. I am a developer and I don't know how to answer them:-)

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    People are overwhelmed with such questionnaires - everything from hobbies / work / product reviews etc so unless you've already captured their interest then we just ignore them.

    You've got to get their interest somehow - interesting post / info / cheatsheet / tool or teaser of something interesting.

    A common way out of this is offering a prize. But in nearly all cases I think that just gets the interest of people with time on their hands which may massively skew your results.

    Also your target (developer / designer) and questions (e.g. "tell me about positive experience related to work life") are so broad its unlikely you're going to get much actionable intel from them.

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      Thanks a lot for feedback, @Rhino :) I will try warm contacts then.

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