How to make user engage more?

Over the past 4 months I have worked on building a tool for businesses to automate pricing integrations and start A/B testing their pricing strategy either on fragmented user base, or on a scale.

It has been online for a month now, with many people signing up for the product (both in beta and especially now).

I've initially provided pricewell.io for free using a coupon code that only charges a tiny percentage of the volume of payments that users receive, in order to create a large client base and receive feedback to enhance the capabilities of pricewell.

Currently we have 90 users that either have embedded pricewell.io into their website or they use our web-based app on a daily basis. I am trying to collect feedback from them, have them complete a 2min survey and create Trello public roadmap to ask me for more features.

They seem like none of my efforts have been effective. I see users using the product, but not responding to my emails. What should I do? How to get their attention in a product that they apparently love, but they don't share their experience with us to further create value for them? 🧐🧐

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    Hey @Kod, I see your frustration there as I've been in this situation while building my product.

    What works for me is to incentivise them to do something (complete a survey or engage with me) by restricting the access that I am giving out for free.

    For example, those who took the time to complete a survey for me get additional access to my database.

    Here is another case study that might be of interest to you: this Saas founder turned his onboarding process to a game to increase his conversion rate to more than 50%.

    You can check out more summarised growth strategies to replicate for your business over at GrowthHunt.co,

    Cheers & all the best!

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      Interesting product.
      I will definitely check it out.

      I tried to incentivize them by offering Amazon Gift cards to those who complete the feedback survey, but it didn't go as well as I planned it to go.

      I guess what has worked beyond our expectations thus far is a messaging notification every time a user logs in or signs up so we can dm directly through our platform's messaging app.

      Looking forward to find out more growth strategies through GrowthHunt.co 😁

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        I can drop you a free access if you help me complete a free quiz on the type of strategies you would like to see on the site.


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          Sure, let's do this!

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    I would suggest to try and personalize the emails. Change text, colors, even the content itself.

    For example Twik can help you deliver the personalized content to the right user. Which means Twik will identify to whom which version of the mail is better in order to increase conversion and each user will be exposed to the best options. The only thing you need to keep in mind that Twik won't create those content replacement by itself, and it's you who got to give it the replacements.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely check it out!

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