Growth September 26, 2020

How to maximize sales and impact after being featured on AppSumo?

Aaron Li @qokka

Today we got featured on AppSumo, where we are offering an exclusive deal for a short period of time for our product Credible

Other than standard promotions which we all do (email, social media shoutout, etc.), I am curious what other indie hackers here have done to maximize sales and impact after being featured on AppSumo. Would love to learn from the community.

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    There are a few things that you could do to maximize the impact after being featured on AppSumo:
    • Create a greeting video for AppSumo users and highlight the benefits of buying the AppSumo plan by pointing to the advantage over your standard plans.
    • Make a proper work schedule for your support team for the deal period and ensure that you are specially prepared for the rush at first 48 hours after the first newsletter is sent.
    • Pay attention to every comment, no matter it’s positive or not. Track the reviews that appear on AppSumo website. Answer all questions, thank users for the positive feedbacks and make concessions to win over AppSumo audience.
    If you do all of these right, interest in your brand, the number of registrations and sales will grow. However, you might be left disappointed if you’re doing it for money. AppSumo takes the majority of revenue and discounted lifetime deals probably won’t work financially in the long run, but the amount and quality of power users easily outweigh this. Good luck.

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    I think appsumo Workshop best in Long Term if you have something to upsell/crosssell to Those new customers , After the Deal is Over

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    I saw a founder in one interview (can't remember which one) where he said that he INTENTIONALLY went to AppSumo & set up a low price. The purpose was for as many visitors to start using him (he had something like a widget), so that competitors could see that & and for them to adopt him as well (using the regular price). That's exactly what happened.

    I really hope you have some version of "powered by Credible" on the widgets you display on customers websites, because else you're missing on a huge acquisition source.

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      Luckily we do :) I will make sure it stays there. Thanks for the tips!

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