Money February 26, 2020

How to process payments

Rajeev Singh Naruka @toughyear

Hi there,
I am trying to make a site where I can sell my HTML templates. Here are the steps I know I have to deal with:

  1. Buying a domain (.com) - preferably from GoDaddy.

  2. Making the site myself with HTML, CSS, JS and maybe some other framework.

  • I don't like Wordpress as it takes away my freedom and also I don't know PHP much to integrate my site into WordPress and I don't want to use templates. Do you think WordPress is a good idea?
  1. Hosting the site - I think AWS free tier should do it. But AWS itself is kind of confusing (EC2 and S3).

  2. Managing payments - Stripe, PayPal or something else?

  3. I will be hosting the demo sites too.

  4. I will be sending the source code through email just as payment confirmation occurs. Not sure how to implement this.

My queries are-
(A) Am I missing something?
(B) According to you what is the smoothest way to navigate through each of these steps? What method have you adopted?
(C) Do you think I should just use SHOPIFY or something? The reason for avoiding Shopify is that it charges too much.

Thank you for your time.

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    "Do you think I should just use SHOPIFY or something"
    Yes. Start out with this, if it takes off => then build something yourself.

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    Hey hey!
    I don't like to be all pushy with products but we're building Mavenseed just for this!

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    Or you can create a simple website (even on Github) and add a line of code from Gumroad. It's very, very easy.