October 24, 2020

How to provide a subdomain for every customer with forwarding? You experience with that?


We are exploring a feature for reviewhornet.com where every customer gets a subdomain, like customer1.reviewhornet.com which forwards to another url like say reviewhornet.com?par1=val1&par2=val2 and so on. Was wondering if there is an out of the box solution out there which can help with this?

Is there any service that can help with this? How was your experience when you required such a service?

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    With Laravel is pretty easy (but not trivial) ohdearapp published how they do it:

    Can even setup to allow totally custom domains.

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    If you are using nGinx, then check out:


    This will give you some help

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    if you manage your own stuff, you can do an http fwd with common http servers like nginx and apache just by config.
    you also don't have to do fwding

    lookup url rewrite for example

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    I was the original person who asked this question. After some search I came accross https://www.rebrandly.com/. It seems to have the features we were looking for. Not signed up yet though.

    Just posting here in case it is useful for others.

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    Had the same Problem a few days ago! Caddyserver is the solution you're looking for

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    You can do something like this:

    1. Create a DNS record to route all requests with subdomains to a specific web server.
    2. From the request, read the subdomain that was used to reach the web server
    3. Trigger redirect (or any other logic) based on that value
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