April 20, 2019

How to provide good SEO for a site?

Mads Cordes @Mobilpadde

This is probably a question that everyone asks. Though, how do I provide good SEO for my site? I've added a FAQ. Though, I can't figure if that's could to help in anyway? Tried to add lot's of keywords, but does that do any good, if it's not also on the front-page?

The site I'm talking about is https://gitbird.work/ :D

Best, Mads Cordes

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    Hi Mads 👋

    I’ll copy/paste a short post I wrote a while ago that hopefully will help you with SEO!

    1. Content

    What to do:

    Start with content that targets the long tail. This is true both for your product pages and for your blog posts. Don't go after high volume but rather go after buyer's intent (random example: “ dog food" vs “quality dog food for Chihuahua”).

    1. On page optimization

    What to do:

    • Optimize your product pages and your blog posts with the basic stuff (page title, h1,h2,h3, meta description, url, internal linking, image optimization…).
    1. Technical

    What to do:

    • There is a lot to say here but the most important things is having a lightning fast website. A common mistake I see is uploading big images that make pages super slow. Make sure to compress your images before uploading them, and use an external tool to check your speed.
    1. Links

    What to do:

    • Link building is really hard especially when you are just starting out. You could start using the content+outreach formula: focus on creating an interesting and original content (visual content works especially well) and promote it to other websites, magazines and influencers in your niche.
    1. User signals (CTR, bounce rate, dwell time...)

    What to do:

    • CTR: Write great titles and great meta descriptions (underestimated!) that answer search intent and will get you more clicks in the SERP
    • Bounce rate: DON'T show pop ups to new visitors for at least 30 seconds (welcome pop ups make a lot of people bounce away!)
    • Dwell time: Focus on having a great UX that makes users stay longer on your website. Add relevant internal links to your content to keep them engaged!

    Good luck with your rankings!

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      Good, summary! Thank you. I cleared up too!

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      This is awesome @andreabosoni! Thanks for this

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      Ah, neat! Thanks! Definitely cleared up a few things! :D

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    For a successful SEO result, following 3 things are the most important of all:

    1. Intent behind the keywords you are targetting. Intent is what you want your audience do on your site.
    2. Backlinks you are building coming from sites in your niche? A tech site getting backlinks from a fashion site would not help much.
    3. Do the visitors on your site stay, engage & share your content with their friends?

    Focus on these factors and rest focus on what @andreabosoni has shared, it will give you the best SEO results.

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    Having backlinks is key (both quality and quantity). Without links you won't get any SEO traffic

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      Actually just got an article published! https://makermag.com/2019/04/22/why-i-make/ :D That'd help in backlinks, right?

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        Not that it's completely worthless but the link you got from them has the nofollow attribute, so not really.

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        As long as the link is not nofollow yes it counts

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