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How to raise 4K in 8 days on Kickstarter?


Hey Guys,

My name is João and I have the dream to launch my first product! I have this one on Kickstarter, 8 days to go and I still need to raise 4k in my Product (Funstatic -an electrostatic travel map). I have tried all that I knew, influencers, ads, talking with people, sharing in social media but still a long way to go! I could use some of your advice! Otherwise no possibility of launching my dream!

Thank you in advance for all your advises.

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    Can you post a link to your kickstarter?

    To raise money it is not only a matter of getting visitors to the campaign, it is also a matter of proving you can actually deliver what you promise. I've seen a campaign of a guy saying that he can warm up an entire house using 4 candles... For example, if you share your product with influencers, they will be able to vouch for you...

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      Hey aqui_c Thank you for your support.

      This is the campaign link:

      We made already prototypes but we used them for the video so at this moment we need to be funded to make more maps and send them to the influencers. However we are sharing with them our social media pics instead and while we don't have more product.

      See our page and let me know if you think we should change smth.

      Thank you so much

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    I don't know how much it can help, but in time-limited offers (a Kickstarter campaign is in this category) the bulk of the orders usually come close to the deadline, so you will probably do it.

    To increase the chances, I suggest you Reddit. I saw a similar product (a wood-made 3d map) do pretty well there.

    You could also improve your Kickstarter's bio, which contains a few mistakes.

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      Hey Luqa,

      We have 220 people that asked to have a reminder when the campaign is in the end, but only 20 of these both the product. Do you know when are they receiving the info that the campaign is at the end? Are they normally buying? Las question, you mean the Funstatic kickstarter text or my own BIO?

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        I am talking about this one "Born in Portugal but is love for travelling makes him from all over. Studied to be a Mechanical Engineer and took his master in Product development. Living in Belgium and working as an Innovation Engineer for automotive interiors. Much more to learn and to accomplish, this project is one of those wonders to aim for".

        In particular, this sentence "Born in Portugal but is love for travelling makes him from all over". His love for traveling makes him a world's citizen is better. "One of those wonders to aim for" seems a bit too formal and archaic.

        I haven't read the campaign full text.

        Usually a good chunk of people end up buying the last day, usually Kickstarter let them know the days that the campaign is expiring and three days before, but it can vary according to the users' preferences.

        If you haven't yet, launch it on product hunt and hacker news.

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