Ideas and Validation September 6, 2020

How to save memes? - Memember


Recently I published an application that lets you save your favorite memes and easily search for them when needed. I'm really curious how do you save your memes and whether such an app will be of any help for you.

Thank you for any feedback

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    I really like the simplicity of your app. I will definitely give it a try.

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    I tried the app, works fine although I'd improve the application description in the Google Play Store a bit. It's good, but you should add more keywords to better position the app.
    Also, I noticed you wrote the app in Flutter, is it a good choice for a production app?

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      Thanks for advice!
      Regarding Flutter, I highly recommend this framework. I'm working with three production applications and few of my own and it's flawless. Also, porting the app to iOS requires few configuration changes for Google Sign in and you're done, iOS app can be published.

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    Few remarks:

    • Are you planning to publish iOS version as well?
    • I like the name although I cannot really pronounce it :P
    • The idea is very good, judging by the screenshots in the store the design isn't bad either.
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      iOS app is prepared but it's still waiting for iTunes approval.
      Well, you can pronounce it however you want ;) Actually, Memember is a word defined in the Urban Dictionary:

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    I usually send pictures to myself on Messenger

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    Liking the app design, and it's great to see you're using Flutter!

    Also, the app name on the Play Store has a typo, it should be never lose your favorite meme.

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      Thanks for noticing the typo! I'm changing the name in play store a bit following boris11's advice as well.

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