March 6, 2019

How to Start Coding in 2019. Complete Walkthrough of Frontend, Backend and Data Science.

Tomiwa @tomiwa1a

I know a couple of you in IH are looking to develop your coding skills. I made a video and tutorial explaining how to start learning coding and I cover everything from frontend, backend to data science.

In the video I covered

✅ Front end development: Angular, React, Vue.js

✅ Back end development: Python Django, Ruby on Rails, REST APIs

✅ Data Science: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Tensorflow

Full video and article ⭐️:
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  1. 1

    Thanks for putting this together. It seems you really put the time into this, props for that!

    I liked that you covered front end, back end, data science, and tied it all together in the end. I also liked that you provided slides for us to jump to various links - very very useful.

    I did not like that some parts felt unorganized and you were referring to the slides a lot instead of pausing / resume, but it's not terrible over all. A bit of editing might go a long way.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. 2

      Thanks a lot for the feedback!

      The editing comment is something that I've gotten back a couple times.

      I will make sure I edit the next video better.

  2. 1

    Hey guys this is only my second video tutorial ever, so please provide feedback on what you like and didn't like and what I can do better for next time.