May 9, 2019

How to stay motivated as a solo Indie Developer?

Ilias Haddad @Iliashad

I have a problem when I start building my side project I'm very motivated and excited in the beginning but when things get harder I lose some motivation. How can I handle it?

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    Spend 2 hours creating you next 1-2 milestones that can be accomplished with the next 2-3 weeks then break those down into subtasks that can be accomplished in ~1 day or less. You get a dopamine boost completing each task. Imagining completing the milestone and the new project functionality you will enable help to inspire you over the weeks. Ideally if you can pair your milestones with demos that you show to other people, the social obligation will also help as a motivator.

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      Thank You So Much for your advice. I'll follow your advice :)

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    Request advice to people, try to reassure you about your idea and go.
    If in the end you never finish how can you know that it will not work? And if you know it's going to work, keep telling yourself that to boost you

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      Thank you for your advice. I love it :)