May 15, 2019

How to store credit card info?


Which service do you use to store(not process just store) credit card info? I looked at stripe yet it doesn't seem they offer such a service. The project I am working on has a feature which lets users save multiple credit card info.

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    Stripe does comes with a vault to store cards -

    I personally would use that.

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    Short Answer: You don't.

    Why? Because It comes with lots of complexity and if you don't consider them your system will be under serious legal issues.

    Solution? Use 3rd party services like Stripe. You can save cards in Stripe used it for several of my projects.

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    Well, you don't. There are numerous great CC processing tools, Stripe included.

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    Never store credit card info unless you are PCI-DSS certified. (hint: you're not). As they others mentioned, just use Stripe.

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    I remember stripe would save credit card info.
    When I used it we would send to stripe the credit card info via their Javascript SDK and they returned us a token. Then, on the back-end, we charge the customer via stripe by only sending the amount to charge and the token.
    That way, the credit card info never pass through our server.

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