April 25, 2019

How to talk to customers?

M Yakub Mizan @myakubmizan

How do you talk to your customers? What feedback do you listen to what you don't?

This week, I have mailed some of my customers who are actively using the product. I wasn't expecting many replies. But to my surprise, some of them answered with how they found my site, what feature is missing, etc.

I am completely puzzled at their answers. For example, one user requested features that I don't think relevant at all. How do you decide which feedback you listen to and which you don't? Are there some framework/stand questionnaires to sort through these?


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    I read a book called "The Mom Test" that explains how to interview people. This might not speak to the question since it is about sorting through feedback once you get it. It might help increase the signal to noise ratio of future feedback though. It's on my read again list but I haven't gotten to it lately.

    http://momtestbook.com/ (I can't get https to work so I'd advise not putting credit card details into that page if you decide to buy the book.)

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      2nd mom test book, pretty good

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      Thank you so much. I will check it out!

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    I've seen in some startups founders I advise that tend to ignore features requests because they make no sense to them.

    However in some cases those users (who use, not just registered) who take the time to suggest things that are really important to them were in fact the ideal target customer that will push your business further.

    From that suggestion list you need to evaluate if you could bring additional revenue to a new market you haven't seen before.

    You can ask those customers if you had those features how much would they pay additionally (then use grandfather pricing) + ask them to refer other potential users to your platform/new feature.

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    By the time, I posted this question, I have also found this https://www.talkingtohumans.com. It seems interesting. Has anybody read it?

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