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How to Use Reddit to Find Content Ideas


How to Use Reddit to Find Content Ideas

Just about everyone has heard of writers' block. As a blogger, you're destined to run into writers' block now and then. Especially when you are just starting out and don't know what your readers are interested in yet, you might not know what to write about. When you get into these predicaments, you need to know how to look for content ideas that your readers will be interested in. One of the best ways to find new content ideas is to search through Reddit.

How to Use Reddit
If you have never used Reddit for content ideas before, it is not that hard. Reddit has a lot of subreddits that help you find forums dedicated to particular topics. Look through subreddits related to your niche to find out what people want to know. You can look at the upvoting and downvoting to see exactly how popular an idea is. You can even look through the comment section for other ideas related to the niche. Reddit has different search features to help you narrow down specific topics, subreddits, or ideas.

How We Use Reddit at Highly

This is actually what we do for our blog at Highly. We are a content analytics tool for bloggers. Highly allows bloggers to add a tooltip to their blog so readers can highlight/react/share specific parts of content they enjoy, giving writers the feedback, they need to become better writers.

It is a priority for all of our content to be fresh. We personally find Reddit one of the best places for blog ideas and curation. There are so many helpful tools to help bloggers find ideas in a way that directly relates to their niche on Reddit. Definitely search through Reddit next time you face writers' block

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    When I'm trying to promote myself on a sub-reddit, I'm basically trying to go through all of the new posts on the front page & see which one contains a link. Then I analyze the context around that link (if they're a heavily moderated community, they prob. got an approval from the admins) and see if I can replicate that.

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    @eithan98 thanks for sharing the idea! I have been thinking a lot about doing content research on reddit for Would you recommend any content research tools that I can use for the same? Like any automation software or AI-based tool?

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      I'll shoot you a dm for Highly when we launch. We find the keywords that appear in people's highlights of your content for suggestions.

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        That would be really helpful, thanks a lot!
        You can shoot me a mail on

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