April 24, 2019

How to win over your audience before launching your product



  • Talk to potential customers before building anything
  • For some products a pre launch is a good way of capturing interest
  • As you start building an MVP nurture leads, get feedback, and share progress

We wrote a longer article, with examples, over on our blog, showing how we used this technique to get our first customers for our E-Commerce plugin. Any questions, I'll be floating in the comments


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    Great article! Does your blog help you generate leads?

    1. 1

      So I work on growth for Crowdform. There's a couple of reasons why we write:

      • Build awareness (Generate Leads)
      • Helps us think. "What actually is our company, what do we stand for"
      • An excuse to talk to other founders. Learn and also build relationships. (We just started an interview series)


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    @crowdform - Was ProductHunt the only pre-launch channel for your Instagram commerce product? Did you use any other avenues and ideas for the pre-launch?Btw, did your idea take off? I see Instagram launched their own checkout platform - https://edition.cnn.com/2019/03/19/tech/instagram-shopping-checkout/index.html

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      I worked on this for @crowdform. So we posted on a few other places as well. Reddit / Hacker news.

      Currently talking with some larger companies and figuring out the best way to build. And yeah, instagram's one was bad timing.

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        @harrydry - Got it. Hope you'll beat IG next time around when you figure out things. Cheers!