Growth August 1, 2020

How to write effective cold emails?

Oskar @meellbn

How do you write effective cold emails to people that have never heard of you?
If you have done cold emailing yourself and want to share you can post your template too :)

How would you go about writing a good cold email and what would you include and not include, how many follow-up emails would you send, how often?

If you want elaborate even more, in your own opinion how would you write a cold email in 1,2,3,4... format from start to finish?

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    Hey Oskar,

    Happy to help here. This has popped up many times on Indie Hackers and I wrote a couple of blog posts.

    Cold Email 101 -
    Writing email sequences -
    Cold Email Case study -

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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      Had a quick readthrough. Really valuable advice will later have a second readthrough with notes.
      Thanks! :D

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        Absolutely! Anything you want to clarify let me know!

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    This has pretty good info

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      Appreciate it! Will have a look at that now :)

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    Read: Cold Email Template Issues: 10 Popular Cold Email Examples Used Today : -

    Listen: Making Cold Email Work in B2B SaaS -

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    Hey @meellbn. It is really difficult to write a good cold email. There are a lot of articles on how to cold email however it's difficult to copy them because every situation is different. What works for you won't work for somebody else. Luck plays a big part.
    Here what works for me.

    1. write a short and personal email to a real person.
    2. research them, follow them, use there products and services and mention that you have been following them or using their product. It is much more difficult for people to say no or not email back to superfans.
    3. Ask them for a favour in a short sentence. Be super precise what do you want from them.
    4. Offer them to meet or chat on their terms.
    5. Ideally, offer them something in return if you can. It's not always possible but basically always think about them first instead of yourself.
    6. Make it super easy for them to say yes.
    7. I send one follow up email but I know people are more persistent. Again, if I really admire someone I want to be respectful to them so I don't bombard them with emails every week. But if I really want to get in touch with someone I would message on Twitter, Insta, FB.

    Here are resources I check now and then.