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How to write Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Kohki Mametani @Kohki

You have to have it at some point e.g. when you publish an app on Google Play or use Firebase Auth UI etc.

How did you write Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for your service? I assume many Indie Hackers do not hire a lawyer and spend only minimal time on those things. Did you use a free template? Have you ever got trouble because of poor legal notices on your service?

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    Honestly the best way to write these would always be to get a lawyer. That way, it's written with the proper legal language and you know it's targeted specifically for your business.

    Sometimes that's overkill for an indie maker just starting out, though. I've seen some products use something like Iubenda, which seems relatively comprehensive. Personally, I'm a big fan of, which provides a nice base for you to use when starting out.

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      We are using Iubenda for our privacy policy and I really like the product

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        always good to hear it, Matt! :)

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    I recently found Basecamps terms as CC on github
    I am considering using these for my upcoming product.

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    Good question - I'd also like to learn a bit about this. There are plenty of generators out there, but I'm worried none of them are specific enough, or that they might leave legal holes.

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