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How we got #3 Product of the day on our first Product Hunt launch

Hi Indie Hackers!

A year ago we launched Vectorly, tool that helps managers to grow employees' skills and build productive teams. And we got the #3 Product of the day. Today I would like to share some key learnings regarding launching on Product Hunt.

  1. Launch on the right time. In order to jump on the USA competition and attract upvotes from European traffic it is better to launch at 12:01 PST. Early start equals to more visibility, and thus higher ranking. Those that launch late will have a hard time catching up with you.

  2. Choose the right day. Another issue is choosing the right day for the launch. After reading this research (https://medium.com/@kar2905/analyzing-product-hunt-data-b225acfeab61), we decided to choose Tuesday, simply because statistically people upvote and comment more on that day. But keep in mind, higher activity means higher competition. Choose the launch day wisely.

  3. Schedule the launch day upfront. The launch day will be chaotic anyway. Least you can do is to plan the whole day and divide responsibilities between team members. Use time wisely, it's better to spend your time on promotion and for things that were hard to plan in advance.

  4. Get a good hunter. This is probably the most important point of the whole text. Make your research beforehand, because you need GOOD hunters that consistently posts their stuff on the front page. Moreover, your hunter needs to be interested in what you do, otherwise you just waste each others time. I would recommend to start looking for a hunters at least a month before your launch. If agreed, start to follow up them with the necessary information about your product. And lastly, confirm whether your 'future' hunter scheduled the product launch.

  5. No cheating, be fair to the game, it will pay off. In case of Product Hunt, quality > quantity. Keep in mind, if you buy votes on some third party software (and even if those are votes from real people, not bots), their votes won't be as effective in terms of product's promotion. Although PH algorithms are still a secret for many of us, it is believed that votes from high point profiles contribute more to the promotion than votes from newbies.

  6. Build a list - bring in your own upvoters. This should be done anyway. Of course, broader list means higher chance to get more upvotes. However, people on your list still need to be interested in what you do, otherwise they simply won't open your PH page. Even 150-200 upvotes at the start can giver you a huge headstart.

  7. Be active in comments section. If you take a look at top products, you can see makers are very active in comments section. Don't write comments for the sake of comments, try to be informative and ask questions, like what do people think about the product, what do they like about it, etc. The most difficult task is to find a balance between being annoying and being passive maker. So this point is really up to you.

  8. Build an analytical strategy before the launch. Those who have an experience in launching on PH know that it might be intimidating to check on new votes in a small box section under the 'upvote' button. There are some services that can help you to find out exact personas, who upvoted for you. This information not only contributes to the overall analytics, but it also helps to build a list of people, who are genuinely interested in your product.

This time we are launching 'Vectorly, tool for 1:1 meetings with engineers' next Monday. We'd be happy if you subscribe to our waitlist for early access benefits and support with upvotes on the launch day.

Here's the link: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/vectorly-for-1-1-meetings-with-engineers/c/content

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    Feel free to ask me anything in the comments section :)

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