Money April 1, 2020

How We Got Our First Paying Users

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    Wow, is beautiful! Congratulations, man! Good luck, hope you hit the 10k milestone soon.

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      Thanks for the kind words! En-route!

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    congrats! love your breakdown of the different communities you invested in to initially validate your customer base... "slack communities are like speakeasies". have you seen a couple of the communities stand out above the rest?

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      Check out the Indie London community, very helpful

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    I absolutely love the minimal approach. Saw it on PH the other day and have been raving about it since.

    In fact, I thought about going a similar approach with a product I have in mind for the future, but now as I read your post I'm thinking about changing the landing page that I'm currently building for our most recent product. I will try for sure if this can work for us as well...

    Also, the blog post was a great read. Well written and some interesting insights. Thanks for that.

    Oh, and congrats on the milestone!

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      Oh wow thank you for your kind words! I'm really really glad you liked the post. It's actually my first proper post. Glad its helped at least one fellow IH :)

      May I ask how you could see yourself using the tool? Trying to gather as much feedback as possible right now.

      Thanks again!

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    Congrats on the milestone :)

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      Thank you!

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    Cool idea, congrats! It is a real issue to host static web pages. When I need a static page, usually, I upload it to AWS S3, but is a much better/quicker option.

    I love the apps where you can try them quickly without dealing with boring stuff like register, verifications, etc.


    • Blacklist some words for domain usage like "login, admin"
    • Better to use a Feedback collection tool (like It's already hard to collect/give feedback, don't make it harder with email (:
    • Keep a public changelog/newsfeed (like about your product updates. It's beneficial to show your (potential) customers what you have done
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      Amazing feedback, thank you! Curious - what kind of static pages do you generally work on?

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    This seems like a nice replacement for people who are used to managing their sites through FTP and don't really know about git.


    • "Plus Monthly" using slightly larger font seems odd.
    • A screenshot of the dashboard would be nice.
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      Awesome feedback!! Thank you, will improve that. I was actually trying to highlight plus monthly as the recommended plan but will rethink that.

      Yup that's exactly what I wanted to build. The simplest web hosting solution out there. Glad its come across :)

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        The font size change is too subtle to be highlight and just large enough to be mistaken as a css error.

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    Love the minimal approach of the product. Thanks for sharing the insights, very helpful!

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      You're welcome! Thanks for the compliments. Definitely still figuring out the whole growth thing. I'm really bad at it but I've realised that a few key things and perseverance gets you a long way.

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    Helpful! Thanks & All the very best

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      You're welcome, thank you!

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    Very cool. Thanks for sharing man

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      Thanks man, no worries. Hope it helps a few :)

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    Absolutely love this. Huge developer oriented feature would be a simple CLI tool for uploading + updating.

    This kind of project is awesome for easily showing internal teams incremental builds of a product.

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    Congrats! I remember your site from quite some time ago and am happy to see you kept going.

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      Thank you! Hasn't been easy but chugging along.

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