Growth October 28, 2020

How We Made a Product From Scratch in 11 Days that Became #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Serge Gusev @sergeyone

Just finished my first story on Medium on how we (Indie Hackers SPB) made a product in 11 Days and launched it on Product Hunt.

You can read it here:

Would love to hear your feedback and comments!

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    Hi Serge, congrats on the launch!

    If you have a sec to answer a few questions, on day 3, how did you find 3 potential users to validate the need for your Invoice idea?
    And, on day 4, how did you reach out to founders and experts? Did you send cold emails to the people you follow on RevGenius and IH?

    Thank you

    1. 1

      The first potential users were mostly people we already knew or could easily reach on messengers.

      No cold email was sent on day 4 - we made only a couple of posts in that communities asking for volunteers who can fill the survey

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    Thanks for sharing! Quick question: What do this chat refers to:
    "Several people responded to the Bootcamp idea in the community chat."

    The idea in itself on how to quickly assemble and develop apps is a great business in its own right!

    1. 3

      That refers to Telegram Chat "Indie Hackers SPB" - the local community of Indie Hackers based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia :)

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      Thanks for your feedback!

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    Cool article, straight to the point. I like it. What is your goal with this app now?

    1. 1

      Thank you! Our goal right now is to collect as much feedback as possible and to receive the first payments

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    Great work! Thanks for sharing

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    Well done - looking forward to read about your progress

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    Realy cool work and experience!

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing -- a good way to learn and try to replicate the success

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    Congrats on the successful launch! Can you share how are you going to collect as much feedback as possible from users now?

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    Wonderful! I am curious to know what's your plan to grow your product post-PH campaign?

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    Follow me for more updates on our product :)

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