How we prepared for our Beta Program

We've been working on Clarity.so for quite a while. So far, we've had a small group of testers with whom we've been very high touch. In that time we've had a few hundred people sign-up for our waitlist, and now we've started inviting those people into the Beta Program too.

Here's a bit of context about Clarity:

Clarity is the actionable knowledge base for teams. We combine flexible notes and project management in one place. This eliminates tedious upkeep and chaotic communication—preserving your energy for what really matters.

How we prepared

  1. Created a waitlist questionnaire to segment interested users
  2. Sent a confirmation email for the waitlist sign-up (this includes the questionnaire link in case they didn't fill it out immediately on our site)
  3. Recorded a 5-minute demo on Loom
  4. Sent a beta invite email with the demo video and a sign-up link
  5. Added a help center in the app with a Wiki, live chat, Slack group, and a Calendly link to book 15-minute office hour calls
  6. Included the help center links in the confirmation email on sign-up

Feel free to drop any questions below!

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