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How will you market this service with a budget of $500?

Ibrahim Ahmad @IbrahimAhmad

Hello all.

I am looking to try paid marketing for My goal is to acquire more customers for the service.

So far, data from previous customers (only 5 served so far) shows that customers for AfriSurvey can be segmented into two:

  1. Businesses with products/services built for the global audience will use AfriSurvey to get responses from existing or potential users/customers in Africa for opinion polls, brand awareness, concept testing, product testing, market research, user research, NPS etc.

  2. Government agencies, & Non governmental organisations, media houses, academic researchers, etc, will use AfriSurvey to get participants for behavioral experiments (seeking to deeply understand how people in Africa feel, think, and behave), etc.

So, how will you market AfriSurvey over a period of 1 month with a budget of $500?

Warm regards

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    1. Google Ads
    2. Content (more specifically long tail keyword content because you have a very specific product which is a good thing!)
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    add content on linkedin & local startup press/blogs/accelerators...& reach out to local market research agencies....

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    Did something similar with Guess the Throne. You can see some good results for under $500 but it's a grind. Tweet to people talking about your niche, find influencers, pitch writers, share everywhere.

    I wrote up what we did here if you'd like to check it out!

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      Thank you. I will surely check it out

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    This is a good question. When I want to invest in something, first I try to test that idea, to test that niche. The problem is that when we generate an idea into our brain, we are not able to see and understand its weak points, instead, we see and even overestimate the strong points. This psychological trap leads to unsuccessful investments and I know what I am talking about. I made bad investments even more than the successful ones. In the last two years, my investment projects are successful, and I can tell you why. About two years ago I met my old classmate. He is also a businessman, and we discussed an investment opportunity. He said that my idea seems interesting, but he would like to pass a concept testing like Then I found out for the first time how to test an idea without losing too much money.

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    Website doesn't load.

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      Thanks for calling my attention to this. Fixed now.

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