April 24, 2019

How would you advertise a service like NewReleases?

Karolina Kalić @karolina

Could you please check out this type of service, NewReleases, and help us promote it better?

We have tried several approaches and we were satisfied with the response, but in a very short period of time. We have Twitter account, focused on updates related to the service, we have approached people directly on Twitter, we used several hypes related to the project to attract the users, we have posted on relevant GitHub issues, we made comments on relevant blogpost, etc. From time to time we still get users from this links, but we have noticed that, if we are not constantly active in advertising our product, response is very low, but whenever we make a new effort, somehow all this old links come to life. Only place from where we haven't managed to get some noticeable feedback nor more users is Reddit.

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you so much!

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    I think there's no secret, marketing and advertising is a job and you have to never stop it sadly :P Success goes to the most dedicated and resilient people. Maybe some people got lucky or find something viral but it represents 0.01% of success

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      Thank you for your comment. Do you have some concrete advice to give us, please? Considering the type of our service.

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        Currently on the page, I dont even know where I have to click. I guess I have to sign un then what ? There's way too much text, too complicated for me. Developers are lazy :p

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        I think you should focus on having a really small number of users that really uses your service.

        I'm currently running networkup.io so I'm really focused on the local network, I think this is more important and worth it to spend real time with people around you than running infinite adwords with a real small amount of conversion rate.

        Eventually go in the event in your town related to the entrepreneurship + development. Find developers and make them use your product, I mean the sentence "Stop wasting your time checking manually if some piece of software you depend on is updated." is technically enough to convince.

        If I can give you my review from a developer. Here's exactly what I think :

        "I currently have 5 npm packages that are outdated, I dont have the faith to update it as it can create new issues, I will do it when I'll have time".
        "Oh cool, a tool to do it for me"
        "Damn, it looks complicated, last time I learnt a new tool was Angular and It was a pain in the ass, I prefer keeping my 5 outdates, will do it later"

        So If I can give you an advice, make it as simple as possible. I just want to have to click 2 times and copy paste something and done. More than that will piss me off.

        So to summary, try to simplify it as much as possible so I know how to proceed within 5 seconds and focus on the network around you, force developer you know to use your product. If they are happy with, most of dev recommand the product without the need of doing marketing h24.

        Hope it helps

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