Growth October 21, 2020

How would you grow this?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Growth is often the hardest part of indie hacking and where we often get stuck. Sometimes getting ideas from other perspectives can be the key to helping you move forward.

So this post is about that, helping the community see the way through the growth.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Post a link to a project and provide a few words of what you have been doing to grow your product. It would be helpful to include the challenges you've had and what has or hasn't worked.
  • Because this community is about giving back too, please comment on someone else's post with growth support and ideas.

Over to you!

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    So far we've grown organically to $5K/pm by posting and engaging on various startup communities and directories. We're now helping others do the same through our productized service. You can find the full list of directories here.

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      Wow, congrats on the success! A few initial thoughts of mine:

      1. My first thought with your landing page was Why should I care about submitting to directories?

      You answered this with the Why list your startup section, but that was further down the page - if I was a new user coming to the page from Twitter, I'd have clicked back way before seeing that.

      1. I'm not sure that I'd show the price in the top section - at this point, I'm not yet convinced that this is something I need. After scrolling through all the communities I didn't even know existed, then seeing a couple case studies, I probably would be!

      2. There's probably a ton of SEO value in your list of 152 directories, but it's being lost via the embedded Airtable iframe. I'd do some keyword research, then spin up different landing pages for each category.

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        Actually, I disagree on 2 - personally I would have been sceptical about the value also, but a price tag of $99 makes me think it must really be worth doing! at least I would think about doing it myself it is really is that useful, otherwise I would have just dismissed it.

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      I've run into on a few different occasions. What you guys are doing is awesome, I can't wait to use it!

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      I would create detailed tutorials for each of these individuals submissions (prioritize by search volume).

      Content optimized for:

      • How to submit startup to directories
      • How to launch on Product Hunt
      • How to launch on BetaList
      • Etc, etc, etc

      Each one concludes with a CTA to the service and drives home the main value proposition -- there are dozens of these sites and coordinating a launch on all of them, manually, is impossible.

      Then, I would build and launch micro-site "products" (could be something as simple as an email course or ebook), each one serving both as a product + an opportunity to showcase the ability of your service. It's sort of like product-led growth for a service.

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      Create Facebook campaigns targeting different startup based audiences. Product Hunt is one of them, you could also look at targeting those who follow Tim Ferris and other entrepreneurial influencers, and narrow down by those who also code, and test running different ads, using conversion campaigns to drive revenue

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      Make a before/after picture with a graph (the before would prob. be a flat graph showing around 0-10 visitors/day). The after graph would probably be a spike (after you submit to the directories) and a steady graph that's more than 10 visitors/day.

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      This seems like a great idea! Have you experimented at all with paid acquisition? This is the type of thing that would probably catch my attention in an ad on Twitter or Reddit.

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      oh wow, I can't really think of any growth ideas, but it's a very cool resource, I've bookmarked it.

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        Thanks! Glad you found it useful :) Feel free to share with others you think might benefit from it.

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          And Logology looks super cool - trying it out now!

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    Logology is an automated brand identity + logo generator dedicated to startups. The way we've grown so far is by:

    • getting featured on newsletters by building relationships with other makers
    • sponsoring newsletters
    • getting featured on landing page inspiration websites
    • organic traction by people talking about us on twitter

    Our next ideas are:

    • offer a free version of our product and put it on resource websites, we hope this can bring a steady stream of traffic
    • sponsor more newsletters
    • create and promote content about logo design and branding

    Curious to get your ideas on that.

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      I wonder if you could get some traction with some really contrarian content.

      Something like, "Half of these logos were designed by a bot, but you can never guess which ones they are." Highlight the fact that you have a superior product and re-frame the idea of a product like yours being boring or generic. (That's my association at least.)

      Alternatively, build relationships with people building startups, have them use your product, and then ask them to inject it into their maker stories. Or, create your own own content highlighting the brand design as part of their startup journey. Who reads stories about founders? Other founders.

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        Thanks, two very good ideas there.

        We've had to spend some time figuring out how to differentiate ourselves from the market initially. That's where the headline "logo maker for design lovers" comes from. But it clearly isn't enough. The contrarian marketing idea seems very powerful, as a way to make people see us as new and original (which we are) and not just same old generator everybody does.

        On creating relationships with other startup, I think it could work well. We already did a bit of that with testimonials, but we could go way deeper and offer to create more advanced "case studies" that put a startup on a pedestal, in exchange of them promoting it on their side. Neat idea 👍

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      Logos and design are a struggle for many technical and no-code makers.


      • Make your own newsletter where you share some design tips to build warm relationships with potential customers
      • Give talks in communities and share design principles or provide free resources

      Be seen as the expert by giving value, and you'll get value in return.

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        Thanks, that's something that could bring a lot of value I agree!
        What do you think of ideas like:

        • doing an AMA with our lead design on how to improve your logo quickly (not by using our service, just to add value and show expertise)
        • a deep guide on how to create a brand and logo over time, as a collection of posts / videos and then a full ebook
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      First off I want to say that the product is unique and works very well!

      I ran through the project and it was fun and very visual experience. Definitely a unique way to have a logo produced and feels like the system understands you as a company.

      It’s very visual and the whole experience of using the product is fun. I think capturing that in video could bring customers. Possibly incentivize or sponsor niche you tubers to review your product if they have a design or logo or startup type audience?

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        Oh that's really interesting, and something we hadn't thought of before. Video as a way to make the value more apparent seems very powerful and fit for our product. Will see how to make it happen, thanks 🙏

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          I think Shopify and a few other companies did some of these "I created a company in a weekend" videos, and if you could get other people to do this it could work.

          You might laugh, but TikTok actually has a HUGE community of Shopify / eCom/ entrepreneurs and I've definitely seen videos where they explain how they built their businesses from Day 1. Might be worth it to sponsor someone/ offer it free.

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            that's strong advice, I appreciate it! Make videos about how startup got started, with Logology as a part of their process 👍

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      Looks like you're doing some great things already.

      The only I idea that I come up is doing some kind of giveaway to grow your social media footprint.

      I've seen Contest Kit used by a few people in the indie space.

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        oh thanks that's a great one, bookmarking it!

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          Oh BTW saw this tweet recently, that said the campaigns are free for the rest of this month:

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            thanks for the heads up 🙏 Looks like a really cool solution.

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      sponsoring newsletters

      How does this work?

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        A lot of newsletters that talk about startups often have a spot reserved for sponsors. For now I've just sponsored The Slice newsletter a couple of weeks ago, as you can see here.
        They explain how sponsoring works here: it's basically paid advertising.

        Since then, I've also found a few websites that list newsletters to sponsor:

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    I curates and summarises growth strategies at growthunt

    Feel free to use my site to filter out different case studies

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      This is really useful! Definitely think that there will be a lot of users /readers here at IH.

      Twitter and newsletter shout outs seem like a good way of targeting your target demographic.

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        Hey Christy, thanks for the suggestion ! Would definitely try Twitter out!

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      I can't seem to access the link you provided

        1. 2

          Ohh I know this page! I've already bookmarked this last week. I'll probably read the stories this week. Thanks for compiling this, I really appreciate it 🤩

          1. 1

            Thanks Liv! Let me know any feedbacks you got!

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    Podcast Ping is uptime monitoring for podcasters.

    I've built this in public (one hour saas), which is helping to get some visibility.

    I just finished the MVP, and am starting to focus on attracting the first users, mostly by personal outreach to people I know. I'm starting to think about longer term growth strategies and love to hear any suggestions.

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      Seems like a very targeted and useful product.

      Maybe you could look on twitter for famous podcasters who've had problems with uptime in the past, and offer them your solution for free (or a bargain) in exchange for a shoutout.

      I just did a quick search and could find a few accounts in a couple minutes:

      Obviously needs to be refined, but might be interesting to look at.

      1. 2

        This is awesome, thanks for the quick research, will definitely give this a go!

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      Love the idea of your daily youtube videos and the one-hour SaaS concept. Do you think that's been valuable?

      Perhaps you could set up monitoring for prospects' podcasts, then automatically email them when they go down. Tell them that their podcast went down, and how Podcast Ping can notify them every time this happens in the future.

      You could kick off a drip sequence from there of maybe 5-7 touches over the next few weeks - emails, twitter, linkedin views/messages, etc.

      1. 2

        Do you think that's been valuable?

        Don't know that it helped with Podcast Ping itself, but trying to keep a bigger picture in mind here.

        The audience for One Hour SaaS is not the same as the potential user for Podcast Ping, so still lots to do to grow things on that end.

        Because I've been building in public I have got good feedback early so definitely added value there.

        Perhaps you could set up monitoring for prospects' podcasts, then automatically email them when they go down. Tell them that their podcast went down, and how Podcast Ping can notify them every time this happens in the future.

        Definitely something I'm investigating, would take some work to build this to do it properly.

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    TravoShare helps you to find and share travel recommendations with your friends and family.

    We're building out our MPV and have created a waitlist/ landing page.

    What I've done so far:

    • Reached out to friends and family
    • Built out a small community on Instagram + some outreach
    • Limited engagement on Reddit (trying to figure out a way we can post without being banned for self-promo)

    Planning on:

    • Looking for online communities with passionate travellers - IH + Twitter have been great for finding other makers/entrepreneurs; however, I think we need to work harder at the primary direct users which are travellers
    • May also submit to online directories
    • Build out content marketing
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    Only launched a few days ago and using twitter and cold outreach to coworkers and friends as my primary way of growing. Not got a single paying customer yet. Not sure where or how else I can push the service. It's targeted at SME's and Enterprise primarily as these are the types of companies that face the problem I'm solving.

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    I'm trying to grow my email subscriber list for - a fun adventure where I crowdsource all my startup decisions - to 100 people before I launch the first and most important poll: What product should we build and sell? I'm targeting people who are interested in tech, marketing, brand strategy, and entrepreneurship. But maybe I should be casting a wider net? Open to any and all feedback!

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      Really cool idea! I would start an Instagram or TikTok for it. I think both formats work well for telling the story of a journey.

      1. 1

        Great minds - I literally just got the handle on TikTok yesterday! But I'm kind of awkward on camera so I'm trying to figure out the right imagery to go along with a voiceover for my first video

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    Zlappo is the ultimate Twitter growth tool to help you build your audience rapidly like a Top-1% influencer.

    So far, our growth has come from, in this order:

    • SEO (accounts for majority of traffic, as we rank high on several key long-tail keywords)
    • Twitter recommendations (word-of-mouth marketing from customers who like Zlappo)
    • Twitter "tweet source label" (bottom-right label of tweets mentions our product)
    • Twitter search ("How do you..." and plugging my product if it helps)
    • Quora marketing (answering bottom-of-funnel questions with high purchase intent -- Quora traffic converts surprisingly well)
    • Affiliates/partnerships
    • Twitter DMs (mostly in the earlier days to get our first 10 customers)
    • Actually tweeting, of course, e.g. using GIFs to demo what our product can do:

    (Scheduling Twitter threads is a breeze.)

    (Find out your unfollowers analytics.)

    Now exploring:

    • Recrafting my entire SEO strategy to double-down (focusing on niche edits, to begin with)
    • Engineering as marketing (not sure what yet, but it'll be targeted at coaches/consultants, our #1 demographic)
    • Sponsoring newsletters/podcasts (need to research)
    • Paid ads (not sure where to start, honestly)

    Anyone with additional tips/channels that have worked for them, please do let me know. Thanks!

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    A tech job platform where developers can anonymously see job offers that match with their knowledge/preferences, and companies can only reach them when they have said they are interested in their offers.

    Unlike what we thought, growth of signed up developers is not being an issue. But we can't find a consistent way of growing signed up companies. Once they accept to hear about the platform, most of them try it (they only need to pay if they actually hire someone, so price is not an issue), but we can find a good way of convince them to hear (it's a really competitive market and they get approach from talent agencies & tools all the time).

    Ads on linkedin and facebook are almost not generating conversions and we have tried to generate contact lead by providing content but the lead were not too good.
    Most companies now comes thanks one sales persons is helping us, but we don't really want to depend on sales people to grow 😅

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    Thanks for this starter post. 💯

    Slides With Friends is an interactive presentation builder. It's for things like meeting pres's, coworker icebreakers, trivia games, onboarding quizzing, etc. You can create a pres, then let your audience join in on their phones, where they can respond to your content. (think like PPT meets Jackbox games) We're pre-launch, just finished our MVP, are starting to think about marketing channels.

    The big question: I want to locate and identify the right community for us. What's the best use case for our tool, and what community/ies need this enough to pay for it?

    1. 2

      This is a solid idea for schools. I remember in my orientation few years back, the presenter asked us to go to a link and interact with the quiz. It was a simple quiz for him to gauge the audience attention and knowledge.

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    I've been engaging on twitter and reddit by providing valuable content for people looking to break into tech. Posting in relevant groups and engaging in comments.

    I had a product hunt launch but it wasn't able to drive any traffic. I'd count it as a failed launch.

    So far I've managed to get 500 subscribers and I'm trying to see what else I could do grow the subscribers count.

    1. 2

      Neat offering! If your main goal is free subscribers, you could try getting in front of people who are in transition: change of career, job hunters, moving, current lower-income etc. Those groups could have people looking for free resources like this.

      Spitball idea, (this might be a little underhanded but) you can post free job listings on places like indeed etc; just be careful to be clear about your offering (resource, not job).

      1. 1

        Appreciate the feedback. I couldn't get my head around on posting job listing on places like indeed. How is that relevant to attracting to my target audience? Would you care to elaborate?

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    Developer's Guide to Content Creation

    • I've been focusing exclusively on organic growth, primarily via content marketing. I have the link as a CTA on many blog posts, and it was my Pinned Tweet for eight months. I've run some giveaways in the past and some discounts, but only once or twice (I'll do one for the holidays, though). Occasionally, someone with a large Twitter following will mention one of my books and that'll lead to sales.
    • I've spoken on five podcasts this year and three of those features led to some sales. I also have three speaking engagements in November and December that will likely lead to some sales.
    • I tried paid ads for 6 weeks on Reddit and DEV Community but was unsuccessful. I prefer the organic route, since it resonates with my audience and forces me to think about delivering value rather than selling.
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    Timefibers - Fully automatic productivity tracking powered by AI

    things we have done so far:

    The next steps:

    • launch on
    • setup google ads
    • probably seo optimization etc
    1. 1

      Neat idea and good name!

      Thoughts: who's your target audience? My thoughts would be remote workers and freelancers on one side, and small companies / startups on the other. Who's going to be buying this and what are they going to be using it for? Do you want to be in front of HR departments? Or that individual who wants reporting to show to someone / keep herself on track? Add in some "pain point solving" language.

      Basically, I'd love to see some nod directly to your target on the landing page (eg, more direct marketing to your main users).

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    Natasha is an AI social media manager that extends your brand's reach. Natasha simply observes your social media activity and learns how to mimic that behavior to ensure brand continuity.

    We are in the process of building our MVP and we have a landing page where people can sign up for our waitlist.

    What I have done so far:

    1. Did personal outreach to people I know
    2. Trade feedbacks with other startups
    3. Posted in directories like Betapage (under review), BetaList (under review), Indie Hackers, Enterprise League
    4. Joined and engaged in different startup or small business communities (Reddit and indie hackers mostly)

    Some other ideas but idk if it's worthwhile:

    1. Reach out to solopreneurs/influencers on Twitter since they are the ones who might need to do social media engagement but don't have the luxury of time to do it
    2. Cold emails to solopreneurs/marketers 🤔

    Even though the progress is not substantial, having minimal progress is better than no progress. 🤷 But of course, I would like to know what are the other methods I can do to grow. 🤩

    1. 1

      Think this is the second time I've come across this - must have been either IH or Twitter but guess the cross posting must be working! It definitely sounds interesting - may check out later.

      It's funny because I just took another look at this and we're actually taking a very similar approach (and similar stage).

      1. 1

        Actually, it's my first time posting the growth strategies I used but I have already mentioned my product somewhere on IndieHackers multiple times. 🙈
        Btw, what product are you building?

    2. 1

      Haha, oh wow can I please be an early user and you can use me for customer development? I'm getting good at social media but I hardly enjoy it, and I think something like this would be a total game changer for me.

      The landing page does a great job explaining this, and it's clean and well designed. I was able to join the waitlist okay. Thanks for sharing!

      1. 1

        @SamGreen Just wondering, do you know anyone else who might be interested in this product? 😀

      2. 1

        Thanks for the kind feedback @SamGreen!!! 💖 I agree with you since social media is just not everyone's cup of tea but we all know this is a very valuable marketing strategy 🧐
        Btw, I'll keep you posted once our product is available to the public. Thanks!

  15. 2 is a network for SaaS marketers to connect and collaborate. We're at around 170 users, with a few of them paying for the premium subscription.

    What we've tried so far:

    • Posting in relevant facebook groups, engaging in conversations
    • Cold outreach through LinkedIn (we got around 10% signup rate, while we were in Beta)
    • Launched on ProductHunt (today actually🥳)
    • We also tried adding a referral program, but haven't seen any results so far
    1. 1

      Congrats on the success so far!

      How would you categorize the top 1-3 user personas that get the most value from your product?

      Right now, it's not super clear to me the types of companies that are in your community. By narrowing your focus on a few (or even 1) user types, the value proposition will become stronger and it will be easier to come up with more targeted growth tactics.

      For example, say the top user persona was real estate tech companies. There are tens of thousands of real estate podcasts, real estate tech companies, real estate blogs, etc. You could craft landing page(s) just for real estate tech and start engaging in communities where those people hang out.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the detailled response and the kind words!

        We do try to attract SaaS marketers but you're right in the sense that there is room to specify.

        I would say the top 3 user personas are:

        • Early-stage B2B SaaS companies, where it's typically the founder or CMO using our platform
        • Mature B2B SaaS companies, where it's mainly dedicated content marketers or partnership managers engaging with our software
        • Small content marketing agencies (that are providing services to B2B SaaS companies)

        We are thinking about giving paid ads a try, so setting up different landing pages might be a good idea.

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    Daily Metrics will send you a daily email report with all the key metrics of your project, either internal or integrated from services like Stripe, Google Analytics, Twitter, etc.

    Things we have done so far:

    • Post in directories like, SaasHub, Owwly, Betapage... And Indie Hackers, of course :)
    • A little bit of advertising, using Google Ads and Facebook Ads
    • We have created landing pages specific for people who use a given product, as Stripe or Google Analytics
    • Testing cold emailing using Apollo
    • We've tried to complete the SEO checklist, but almost no organic traffic at all
    • Twitter and Facebook profiles done, but almost no effect either

    Next ideas:

    • Do cold emails really work?
    • Post on Product Hunt (when? how? any help?)
    • More advertising?
    • Does content marketing really work? It's so crowded it's hard to come up with interesting content
    • Looking for ideas to do "engineering as marketing", any help?

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. 2

      Right now the product messaging is super broad. Definitely good to know you can serve a huge market down the road! But, in the short term, it makes it harder to focus your efforts and less appealing to users with more specific needs.

      Does your product have users yet? I'd try and figure out the 3 (maybe even just 1!) user personas for which Daily Metrics is most valuable.

      Talk to them and understand them inside and out. Then your job will become much easier:

      1. Update your copy to match those users.
      2. Prioritize integrations based on those users' needs.
      3. Figure out where those users hang out on the internet, rather than just any person that works at any internet business that tracks their metrics.

      For example, maybe you decided that your #1 user persona is an e-commerce store owner:

      1. Your hero section content is crafted to e-commerce store owners.
      2. Your integrations include only things they care about.
      3. You can start looking into places where Shopify users hang out.
      1. 1

        Hi @Tjones4413, thanks a lot for your feedback, very helpful!!

        When we thought about the user persona we always thought about a startup founder, who is using several services and wants to be on top of the metrics, and also wants the team to be on top of them. It's something we've experienced ourselves.

        But maybe as you say that is a too broad definition of user persona and we should try (at least in the beginning) to focus on a smaller niche.

        Thanks a lot!

        1. 2

          Glad it was helpful! Yes, startup founder is good, but there are millions of those out there. You can cast a smaller net at this earlier stage.

          1. 1

            Following your advice, a landing page for startup founders, we'll send traffic to it see how it converts. What do you think? Thanks!


            1. 2

              Quick work! I like the messaging behind it, but it's hard to skim through. Maybe you could add section headers for your 3 sections. Something like:

              1. Never miss a key metric drop
              2. All your metrics in one place
              3. Delivered straight to your inbox
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    ChromeExtensionKit allows you to jump-start your Chrome extension projects with a variety of battle-tested starter templates.

    The main method I've been attempting to use to grow currently is content marketing. I've been putting effort into the blog to create guides around Chrome Extensions, but it's been a bit of a slow process.

    Would love any feedback!

    1. 1

      I think your approach to content is good, cos you're not just trying to sell your's just useful info. Where are you sharing your articles? I think distribution may be the part you're missing cos your more recent articles look really useful.

      Maybe repost them on hackernoon, freecodecamp, with a canonical link set to your original post

      1. 1

        Thank you! I definitely think you're right about distribution, right now I've kind of just posted them randomly on Reddit or just not at all, so I need to get better at that. I've posted a couple personal blog posts on in the past, so I'll look into that and the other suggestions. Thanks again!

        1. 2

          no probs, I feel like articles on browser plugins would be interesting mainly to people making them.. I wonder if there's some subreddits/newsletters or groups for them

  18. 1

    A kanban board to keep your job search organized and give you meaningful data in easy to understand graphs.

    This is literally my first project that I'm actively working to grow, so really new to all this. Right now, I'm finding potential users looking for jobs on LinkedIn and sending them emails. What else should I be doing?.

  19. 1

    So far we have gotten 3 sales and have basically broken even on our investment so far. We have been posting on Instagram 2x daily and Tiktok fairly regularly along with some influencer marketing, facebook ads and google ads. We are currently stumbling around in the dark for a way to effectively market our business. Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated.

  20. 1
    I started a blog, The Detechtor, where I write about how tech impacts the environment, healthcare, and our day-to-day lives. I am however experiencing trouble getting traffic to the website despite investing a lot of time in social media marketing, cross posting, ...

  21. 1

    We're getting traffic but very few sales. The sales we do have, have said this is the best gift they have every given.

  22. 1

    I'm in the early stages of launching my service. It's a free messenger reminder service built to help busy business owners remember to eat, drink, sleep, go outside, love their partners, and spend time with their family.

    I've got a few sign ups with positive results so far, however I seem to have stalled now that I'm trying to get people outside my circle of influence to sign up.

    I've been using twitter to try to drum up interest with very minimal success.
    So my main struggle has been growing the customer base. I will accept any and all advice.

    Link to the Facebook Page

    Link straight to the messenger service

  23. 1

    Haze is a service that gives away free medical marijuana cards.

    We have found some success so far with:

    • Engaging industry professionals
    • Posting regularly to social media
    • Paying accounts catering to our target audience on IG for promotion
    • Google Ads

    Organic growth and paid advertising are both a slow burn. Getting exposure is something that takes time and commitment. Would appreciate feedback and suggestions!

  24. 1

    Readr is ClassPass for the news. It gives you access to paywalled articles across top publications.

    We've been asking friends and family to try it out. We want to figure out how to grow to people who are often blocked from reading articles because of paywalls.

  25. 1

    Hey all,

    I just created using Notion and no-code tools to try and validate this idea of spreadsheet template and design discovery. Would be interested to hear 1) if people would use this for their own use and 2) how you'd go about getting more content creators on there .


  26. 1

    Love it! Thanks for creating this thread!


    We're an async video messaging product for distributed teams or companies that are overwhelmed with zoom calls

    We've recently made a pivot from "better meetings" to "async video messages"

    Current things we're going:

    • Blogs and SEO on Remotework, slow to little traffic
    • Interactive content, calculators/checklists etc (high traffic, low conversion)
    • Using our own product for distribution, like here
    • Twitter conversations with everyone who hates zoom calls and alike
    • Submitted across mulitple directions, actually using the help of submitjuice haha

    What we're planning on doing next:

    • Refocus SEO content to attack new pivot keywords
    • Backlink collaboration with a few popular blogs
    • sponsor a few "WFH" newsletters
    • Get on podcasts talking abour productivity
    • PR
    • Manual LinkedIn outreach, sending out 40 videos everyday
    • Mini "remote collaboration" work tools that we can spin out in 2-3 days
  27. 1

    MockupFox is a 3d mockup scene creator for designer to present their work as best as possible.

    Still in the pre-launch phase, but from previous projects I learned to build an audience first. But this is sure not my strenght... So far I have 5 people in my email list :|

    My target audience are (graphical / textile) designers.

    What I did:

    • Posting images of mockups made with the tool on twitter. But I think my audience is not so much on twitter
    • Posting on instagram. I could try to grow the audience there. However I have the impression that instagram is not the perfect place to convert followers. But it is the place where many of my target users are.

    Curious to read if you have ideas for growing in the pre-launch phase.

    1. 1

      Sorry this might be a silly question, but have you already tried your personal network? Are there any other designers in there?

      1. 1

        No silly question at all :) And thanks for your reply xtyc. However, my private network to designers (especially textile and graphic that would care) is unfortunately very small. The problem is I still have no clear vision of how to grow an email list to e.g. 1000 people.

        One other thing that I forgot to mention in the what I did section above:
        I put the tool in a reddit channel for textil designer and it is even pinned there from the moderator. Also there the feedback is positive but I dont get any traction into MockupFox.

  28. 1

    ThreeDee - lovely 3D libraries - - I am open to any suggestion.

  29. 1, the Social Platform for Online Shopping.
    I started posting on Twitter and Instagram yesterday.
    The first marketing campaign is called 'What is Boostlane?' and will run for at least 365 days. Today is day 2.

    1. 1

      I came across your site through your post in the web scraping! Who are your ideal users?

      1. 1

        I have 2 types of ideal users: the business owners who need help with promoting their businesses and the consumers who are looking for information about a particular topic.

  30. 1

    The project is : - a fun content platform that rewards its users ( ad revenue sharing )
    Been posting on relevant subreddits, blog posts and so on to promote it. I have 42 users registered in 3 weeks since launch. 0 USD in advertising. The stats could be better though.

  31. 1

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  32. 1

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

  33. 1

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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