How would you improve my landing page?

Hi guys!
I'm building a virtual assistant for work-related stuff, and I would really appreciate some feedback on how can I improve my landing page? Our assistant allows you to do any work you need by only sending 1 message in any messenger. It's like a Jarvis from Iron Man in your messenger!

Thank you in advance!

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    "Our assistant allows you to do any work you need by only sending 1 message in any messenger"

    Can you get more specific than 'any work you need'. Unless it's some futuristic technology sent back from 300 years in the future, it's hard to wrap my head around 'any work'.

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      Thank you very much for the feedback, appreciate it!

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    In my opinion you shout put this section "Get information from these services by sending a text message." at the very top. It seems to describe what exactly your bot do.
    All the stuff in front of this section only generate a big question mark at the face of users who read this.
    First say, what exactly it is, after that describe how it works an what features it provide

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      Okay, thank you very much for the feedback!

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    Really cool concept, but I found it hard to wrap my head around what it does.

    Is it powered by real people? AI? How do you get access to my work stuff?

    Try summing it up in one sentence so strangers can understand it, eg: "Buddle is a human-powered virtual assistance for all your work needs".

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      Thanks! It will be powered by AI and algorithms, it will connect through APIs to your work-related services like Asana, Trello, etc., and extract the info you need from there. Hope this makes it clearer)

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    The page is kinda clear
    I like this part "Get information from these services by sending a text message." with all the logos, should probably somehow go to the top, cause it half answers the question, of what can this do/what is it really for better than guessing from the text inside the screenshot
    '1 chat instead of 6 apps' is also pretty good at explaining why would I want this

    Due I still wonder, can I just put addons to my normal digital assistant and get the same? (alexa/google/siri), why is this not just an extension there?...
    Also how do I know what commands would work? where is the list of things that actually work?

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      First of all, thank you very much for the feedback, we will look into it.

      Second, existing virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are designed to work only with voice(yes, some text interface is also sometimes present, but it is a minor channel of communication). Although it may be convenient while at home, we believe it is not comfortable to use it while on the bus, at the airport, metro, office, etc. Moreover, the voice interface limits the communication to only words, while we can send images, links(which can be opened inside a messenger), videos, etc., and do not lose any quality of just going to the apps and searching. Furthermore, Buddle works on a unique cross-messenger platform, which will allow you to use it in any messenger from WhatsApp to SMS and users will not need to install the 1000th app on their phone (and we won't need to spend hundreds of thousands on developing these apps).

      However, voice assistant add-ons are something we are carefully looking into for the future, cause they certainly provide some opportunities.

      In an ideal world, it works just like Alexa/Google Assistant. So you say whatever you need in any way, and Buddle will be supposed to understand what do you need and where it needs to look for it. Today, we have limited functionality, which you can see on the "cards" section of our website. Moreover, in the MVP we are developing we, for now, have a usual bot-like layout with buttons and sub-buttons, etc. So, we are moving to the ideal world configuration.

      Hope it answers all of your questions) feel free to ask something else.

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        On newer android devices the assistant has a dedicated phisical button and a 2nd button press to use keyboard
        It does return more than just text at times due I didn't check the API or anything at worst you can send a link probably with preview
        Your calling this a virtual assistant which makes the connection and also show a similar interface in the LP

        There are also routines which can include multiple commands and they demonstrate a morning routine reading meetings and news and such which this might fit well

        Just saying there is a high correlation

        And with smart home devices it gets more use and becomes for of a life routine

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          Yes, you are absolutely right, there certainly is a correlation. However, I did not know some insights, thanks!

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    I think it's pretty clear in terms of the concept and what you are offering. Some ideas:

    • Overall design could be improved
    • I found the iPhone mockup a little distracting - could you use one which is less photo-realistic, i.e. more of an outline of a phone?
    • First iPhone example could have less copy on it. Also could be zoomed in more so the messages are easier to read
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      Thank you very much for your feedback, appreciate it!

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    Looks good.

    I do agree the heading and subheading may need clarified if possible.

    Small thing, but I noticed reason 04 matches the last '6 more reasons...' Both are work-life balance.

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      Thank you!! appreciate it!

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