April 18, 2019

How would you write a sales pitch this product?

Anthony Lee @1979

Few months ago, I launched https://letterfromyou.com To my surprise, the clients were mostly from businesses than individuals. That got me thinking, this is more of a B2B product.

I don't know anything about sales, nor do I have a crazy network of people that I know. I am trying to reach out to companies that might be interested who have no idea who we are...

How would you start the email conversation to introduce the product? I am just seeking some ideas here.

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    From my background as VP Sales, I can say that salespeople are always on the look-out for ways to stand out from the crowd, and get their target audience's attention. Getting a meeting with a busy and in-demand decision-maker, especially at a large company, can be tough.

    I have known reps to send handwritten letters to achieve that goal, with good results (ie higher reply rate/meeting rate than with cold emails).

    Furthermore, salespeople have money and lots of them don't hesitate to spend their own money, when they find a tool that will give them an edge in getting to their goal. As they are commission-based, it's usually a small investment with big ROI.

    I have also experienced "grassroots" adoption of tools/solutions in organisations, ie one rep starts using a solution (on her own credit card), other reps seeing this follow, and the solution ends up being adopted (and paid for) by the business for use across the entire team (LogMeIn did a good job at that back in the days, with a LogMeIn rep reaching out to the business proactively, once they saw that a few individuals from the same org were using its product).

    Perhaps this can an avenue for you to follow?..

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      Thanks for sharing your wisdom @Nic0las. Should I reach out to sales people from different orgs?

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        Definitely. Perhaps you know salespeople in your network. Or just reply to the cold emails you receive yourself, asking her/him if (s)he gets good reply rates on those cold emails or if a solution like yours could help them differentiate themselves and get better results? ;)

        Focus on B2B salespeople, who sell high-priced solutions - they are the ones who will go above and beyond to "stand out" to get a decision-maker's attention (and have more money because high commissions on deals closed).
        More specifically, at least in the SaaS world, you could focus on SDRs (Sales Development Representatives)/BDRs (Business Development Representatives) - these are the people who are tasked to get the meetings for the "closers" (but the closers also like solutions to differentiate themselves, ie use a hand-written letter in the negotiation phase, or as "Thank You for your business" token).

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    So your first task is to work out what pain point you're solving, and for what audience.

    Normally it's really hard to work backwards from a a product to the pain point/audience, but in your case it should be pretty easy --> you have everything you need in the content/sender/recipients of the letters you're currently sending!

    Try and identify a few solid use cases (the most common one) and what kind of business is sending them. Also, make sure you understand why they are sending them.

    Then, find similar companies to those customers and reach out to them with that pain point. Use the social proof of your current customers to convince them that your solution is worth checking out. A few free credits might be a good idea as well.

    If it were me, I'd do some of this over the phone/in person to make sure you understand the objections your potential customers have to buying the product. As you learn this, build in solutions to these objections in the email sequence/landing page.

    If you want a hand/feedback crafting the actual outreach sequence, shoot me an email.

    Good luck!

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      Awesome tips. Yes, I am scared of phone calls but I am ready to reach out to one of the client why he choose to send expensive handmade/handwritten letters to their clients and how it benefits them. Most of my customers are coming from high-end shops like custom jewelry or fashion companies.

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    Shouldn't it be a handwritten letter rather than an email conversation? :)

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        I would definitely use your own product for your own prospection! They will "get" it quicker, and it will make you stand out from the deluge of cold emails people receive these days.
        I'd start with the handwritten letter, and follow-up by email(s) at a later stage (letter to get their attention and for them to understand what your are about, emails making it easier to reply/action).

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          I agree. I am still trying to figure out the content of the letter.

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            If you target salespeople, it should be about helping them stand out from the crowd of salespeople trying to reach the same decision-makers and increase their reply rate.
            Because you're using your own product to do so, it should work well - salespeople NEVER receive letters, so you'll stand out :)

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        that's actually a great idea if you can pull it off. Instead of a cold snail mail, you can reach out to them via email and offer to send them sample letters.

        Hi {First Name}!

        We do {what the product aims to do}

        We were able to do {for a similar business in their industry}. We think you could {benefit they would get from the service, it should be something that decreases their cost of current processes OR increase revenues}

        Let us send you a free sample {so you can check it out}

        Here's a what press/xyz blog says about letterfromyou.com : {mention of blog post or media that covered your product}

        Thank you!

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          This is awesome example @BlueLobster ! I like this idea.

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