How you can find out how your passive readers interact with your content!

After running my own blog, I was frustrated to see all these people visiting my blog, yet having no idea what they liked or what they didn't, beyond how many visits each article was getting.

Very few people were commenting on my posts, so I had no real way to get feedback. That's why I built Highly, a simple tooltip bloggers add to their blog that allows readers to highlight, share and react to (with emojis), to individual phrases within each article.

You would be surprised how much your passive readers are highlighting. The idea is that you can find out what phrases made your readers smile, heart, laugh, etc. Also, you can see the top highlights by article, allowing you to see your content the way your readers see it, and really get in their shows.

Would love for the Indie Hackers community to check it out and provide let me know what you all think.

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    This is a superb idea, Eithan. I'll be giving it a go once we get a little more traffic to make it worthwhile.

    Could you add the ability to make specific comments on sections of the text? They don't have to be publicly available. But this would be a superb way for users to contact the website owner. For example, to highlight a typo, broken link or to suggest some extra content.

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      Wow, thank you for the support! That sounds like a great feature and if enough of our customers ask us for it, we'll go for it. Any reason why you wouldn't want these in-line comments made public?

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    Good Luck Eithan! You should try and get on the Wordpress plugin store and similar plugin stores for other blogging tools, I think that could be a really good channel for you

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      the plugin repo is a +1 idea.

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        Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated. We have considered making a plugin down the line. I even think we can offer the plugin for free and then hope to convert users to paid subscribers, which would give them access to the dashboard and analytics. What do you think about that?

        1. 2

          i have a lot of plugins that i've built for wordpress... so, yes!!

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              cool! checking it out!

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