Huge problems with Paddle, any alternatives?

I'm selling a developer tool (https://httptoolkit.tech), which as far as I can tell is exactly the kind of thing that Paddle is supposed to support.

This week though just before the paid launch, they've silently closed my account with no notice, and now (a few days later) they've sent a very short email saying my activity is 'not suitable', and they won't be discussing or doing anything about this. For a payment provider this kind of abrupt & sudden behaviour seems pretty crazy, so I'm very annoyed about that, but I suspect it's unfixable.

I do need an alternative though. Does anybody know other services like this? Critically, I'd like them to handle the accountancy/tax parts of online sales, since that saves me a huge pile of accountancy costs of my own. I would also like them to not suddenly close my account unexpectedly :-).

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    Update: they've sent me an email after hassling them a lot, and this was 'due to a technical error'.

    Great for now I guess, but holy shit you can't just shut down people's businesses with no notice, by accident. This is crazy.

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      That is pretty scary stuff :|

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    Try FastSpring. It's an identical service, slightly more expensive.
    Also, I think there's someone from Paddle around here on IH, maybe he can help checking into what happened.

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    Hi Tim,

    You can refer to this thread over my experience with Paddle. https://www.indiehackers.com/forum/beware-of-braintree-91a9ccfa7d

    "In my experience using paddle for draftss.com, we tried moving to Paddle last month and received a confirmation from their support team that we can start using paddle for our services and start billing the customers instantaneously and there was no need of any further verification. Everything was proper and started billing our customers. We added the products successfully and sent it to few of our clients. After receiving paid subscribers, almost after 10-12 days later the subscriptions were cancelled stating that Design falls under Human services, which they do not allow on their platform. This comes after confirmation from the paddle support team even before signing up for Paddle. We're glad that we didn't move all our customers in a single go."

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