Hyper-Realistic FaceSwaps in 30 Seconds (Our Development Story)

Hello Hackers,

Today we launched the newest version of our applications Impressions to ProductHunt.

It's been a long journey and I wanted to give you some insights into how we decided on what to build.

We actually launched the first version of our application in March of 2020 when we had 5min wait times. It was an upload and forget it sort of app and you'd be notified when creation was complete. No one complained, our biggest fans made 1000s of videos each, very few people would stay around and watch the video. So we went to work.

Our CTO and head of the data scientist almost 12 months researching and developing new ways to do AI inference fast! Today we've launched the fruits of our labor 10x faster and with an updated UX, the Impressions App V2. Using intelligent chunking and scaleable serverless architecture we can process a 20-second video in under 30 seconds.*

Our customer activation which used to be around 50% has skyrocketed to over 90%. The app has bee been a lot of fun and we've had over 1M videos created and shared worldwide.

Wanted to share our experience just to show how important the correct tracking of analytics can be, to the point where sometimes it can give more info then classic customer development conversations.

*depending on system load

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    Very successful as artificial intelligence, congratulations 🎉

  2. 2

    I cannot believe the quality of the face swaps I managed to create with this app. I always wanted to find an easy way to create artificial intelligence videos that could fool anyone. (tonight's joke is on the way mom lol )

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to create viral videos or just have fun with their friends. I think It's time for me to try going viral on Tiktok, all I have to do coming up with a creative idea

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